Jack Wilshere – Man of Steel

Video Score: four / five

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9 Responses to “Jack Wilshere – Man of Steel”

  1. wewant2batlikesachin Says:

    any chance for some tottenham videos :P lol jokes

  2. ByUoliel Says:

    the first one, its Russell Crowe.

  3. jan111to Says:

    from what triler men of steel is that voice ?

  4. vyrusrama Says:

    Brilliant…. just brilliant!!

  5. omri898 Says:

    lol no hard feelings

  6. Blake Productions Says:


  7. ByUoliel Says:

    No fucking way.

  8. omri898 Says:

    any chance for some man united videos? :P

  9. Arsenal125Foward Says:

    Jack Wilshere is my hero! Quality video