Jack Wilshere dedicates the FA Cup win to the Arsenal fans

Video Score: 4 / 5


  • Give us another lift here on bt sports… No

  • Ferdinand and David James looking like bitter pricks. 

  • Rio Ferdinand couldnt look more unhappy if he tried 

  • “Lift It For Us…. *Wilshere Walks Away*… No”

  • Loool, the ending

  • C’MON ARSENAL!!!!!!!

  • I like how bitter Rio Ferdinand looks in this video!!

  • I can’t watch BT’s coverage of football matches, I mean Michael Owen’s
    voice is SOOOO dreary on commentary.

  • He looks like a kid

  • am a big fan of wilshere, what a fantastic midfielder.

  • Ian wright legend 

  • sanogo got completely ignored 

  • LOL, Yaya Sango !!!!

  • sanogo got ignored lol

  • ugly prick !

  • Sanogo wanted some attention.

  • lift it for us…? naw nigga. 

  • Well done jack and arsenal. Really pleased for you . What a day it was!

  • In b4 the FA takes this video down.

    Fuck you FA!

  • whats the song on this vid?

  • wooow, jack – he is so smaaall!!!! :D

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