Aaron Ramsey & Jack Wilshere

I desire you would enjoy watching this compilation video clip. Aaron Ramsey Aaron James Ramsey 26 December 1990 Caerphilly, Wales Jack Wilshere Jack Andrew G. Wilshere one January 1992 Stevenage, England


  • wilshere is more of the scholes/fabregas type of player.
    ramsey is more like gerrard/lampard

  • i dont even mind if fabregas moves to barcelona now because we have these two. amazing talents.

  • Different styles of play but equally promising, and both british suprisingly

    Ramsey seems to pose a greater goal threat and reminds me very much of Scholes

    Wilshere looks technically better and reminds me of Iniesta.

  • @MrIfanc naa got to be wilshere but both still great players.

  • these two will be the future midfielders

  • ramsey wins

  • Very good vid! Come on gunners kick man u ass tonight

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