Close Up with Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere

The English midfielder discusses: how he was scouted by Arsenal, comparisons with Liam Brady, understanding for Cesc Fabregas, acquiring assistance from Theo Walcott, generating his England debut, and his use of Twitter The FA Premier League has clips eliminated due to “visual subject material,” so all football/match footage has been replaced by photo stills.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  • hey arsenal fans!! you see how everyone hypes on about wanye spooney (a.k.a. shrek) and how they lick his ass so much he dont need to wash after a crapper, we got jack wilshere and trust me, this dude is soo good he makes spooney look like a ball boy!!…. oh and one last thing….is it me or everrytime spooney sprints you see his man boobs bouncin’ along… safe y’all! ARSENAL FTW!!!!!

  • dedication to the club – thats the mark of a quality footballer these days

  • wilshere is a legend

  • legend!

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