Does Liverpool s Conor Coady have as much potential as Jack Wilshere thisisfutbol com

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  • i skinned him in high school ahaaa

  • and man u too

  • 0:24, thats what we want in our liverpool talents, passion and fire against everton

  • he’s only got a shot on him……Thatsitall

  • Hey it’s Flanagan who breaks them up 😀

  • no is the answer

  • New Gerrard, I’m sure that. From Vietnam.

  • Conor coady needs to improve his skills i.e. ball controling and first touch, otherwise he will never reach the level of Steven Gerrard.

  • He isn’t saying hes the next Jack Wilshere you idiotic twats! He is asking if he has the same potential? He means, “can conor coady rise as high as jack wilshere” not “is conor coady the same exact player as jack wilshere?!? HyuckHyuck”

  • dont put Coady in the same sentence as Wilshere. Jack W is a wizard artist while Coady is a blue collar workhorse

  • im sure coady plays a complete different style to wiltshere

  • flanny,coady,kelly,robinson,suso,sterling we have the spine of our future ready! bring it on #YNWA

  • to answer the title: no!

  • he have more potential than Jack Wilshere


  • Tbf, Liverpool are bringing a few good players through their youth system…which is good for England lol

  • in terms of technique, i dont think so, but his other attributes are good enough to bring him to the top level

  • I think they’re different type of players imo


  • he’s like gerrard man

  • hes got alot of power with hes shots like gerrard

  • cant wait to see this kid playing first team for england and liverpool. he captains both at youth level so hes definitely going to be premiership class 😀

  • He certainly likes head butts, anyway. He looks a good player mind, and that penalty was class.

  • @CarlosLeftEyebrow remember Gerrard was exactly like Coady when he was 18 – a badass and fearless kid that would go in every challenge.
    And since Coady plays as a destroyer, it’s his job to bring his opponents down

  • potential !!!!!!

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