Fc Koln 1-2 Arsenal – Wenger + Wilshere Post Match Interviews

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  • Lol, when did u go to China, Jack? looool

  • 1406th view 😉

  • 1000th view 😉

  • we love arsenal…right gooners?

  • @dacki1234 Youre right theyre all wonderful players – players that have brought us a plethora of trophies….yes you make a wonderful case, no, really you do.

  • @tiarnan76 u r very stupid sir, get your facts straight, think of the business he has done in the past, buying anelka for 500,000, koscielny has been excellent , fabianski found form last season, rosicky is a very useful player, as well as eboue, djourou was brilliant last season as well, you need to think more buddy, yes senderos and denilson ddnt work out but he made profit on senderos, and will most likely on denilson, wenger is a very intellingent man, unlike you

  • @tiarnan76 As you can see am not Wenger


  • @gmanakadezil Or how about when we do spend we dont buy: Squillaci, Almunia, Koscielny, Denilson, Bendtner, Fabianski, Senderos, Djourou, Eboue, Rosicky etc….How about instead of buying 3 cunts for 5m each we buy 1 great player for 15m??? Wenger is a lying, thieving cunt – says we’ve no money yet gladly takes his cunting 7m salary every year.

  • @tiarnan76 Nothing, what is our solution, spend 100million….

  • ‘hes similar to Theo Walcott but we need a goal scorer’ well said Jack haha! Walcott couldn’t even score in a brothel..

  • Respond to this video… What have we won in 6 years?

  • @gmanakadezil Speak English you fuckwit.

  • @somaliflag Am sure your the kind of person that even doe, we was winning and had a good team, you would still want good signing so you can show off

  • love ya jack. In a man’s way.

  • Appreciate a lot, that you’re loading these videos up, thanks!

  • nice one,,, wenger buy buy buy on the paper we lost fight in PL 2011/2012 from july 2011 till u buy more or same old story good start and then with week we out in three majors cups

  • I think football fans know best!

  • I heart Connor!

  • Whats on TV?

  • Time for a change

  • I wanted more

  • Can lennon turn it around at Celtic?

  • Time to sort the men from the boys

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