Jack Not Back

Arsene Wenger has dashed the hopes of many Arsenal fans, as he recently came out and denied claims that his star English midfielder Jack Wilshere would be back prematurely to what was originally thought.

Wilshere has not been seen since the summer because of a foot injury that will be keeping him out until at least January. The midfielder, however, announced this week that his recovery was going well and he was pleased with the progress that he was making. He also said that he would be stepping up his rehabilitation in a bid for quick recovery. But the prospect of the rapid return has been dashed by Wenger who said: “ He will not be available before the end of January.”

Wilshere has also caused pandemonium on twitter by pledging to donate £3000 to charity if Arsenal fail to beat their rivals Tottenham in the Premier League this season. Arsene Wenger has had no issues with this bet that the young midfielder placed and only said that he hopes that the teen will not have to pay out.

Wenger said: “He made a contest. The good thing is a charity will get some money. If we finish above Tottenham he said the Tottenham supporters have to spend £1 each, so because they have many I hope the charity gets a lot of money! I hope Wilshere won’t pay anything! We are ready for a challenge, and hopefully the charity will get some money – but not from us!”

Wilshere will be hoping that his injury will not have him out much longer and that he will be able to fight for his club in a bid to beat their rivals Tottenham.