Jack Wilshere

sexypants 🙂
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5


  • your gay writing he is sexy


  • lol no! The person who did this probably did!

  • He’s amazing (L)
    Arsenal 🙂

  • great 5/5..jack-jacki<3 was fantastic vs rangers..GO GUNNERS!!

  • i know him !!!
    he lives in hitchin and went to ma school

  • this is one of the best videos EVER !
    he is sooooooo fit !

  • I wonder – did he make this video himself lol

  • jesus how old are u ? sexypants ? really ?

  • hes ok ..NICE VID!
    but i have to say i disagree on him
    being the sexiest man alive b/c that is:

  • AWw tis lovely amie 😉

    But your torres one is a bit betterrr lool

  • 🙂 lol love it

  • Lame:P jk

  • I do not know what you see in him…. :S

  • Love it Amie 😉

    Nnenna xx

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