Jack Wilshere – Early Arsenal Years

Jack Wilshere, 1 of the brightest young skills coming by means of Arsenals youth technique. Has undoubtably a wonderful long term forward of him specifically beneath the advice of Arsene Wenger.


  • if i was jay simpson on 1.20 i wouldnt just run off celebrating like i was amazing cos id scored id run straight over to jack and say thanks 4 such a QUALITY ball through!

  • Somebody kidnap this boy…….damm scared of him!! He has pure talent!!

  • @Youwillnotscore Hmmm, ill look into it. Cheers.

  • Exellent player, nice to see some clips of him when he was younger. Do you think you could make a similar video about Aneke? hes 17 and is now a reserve starter, i reckon hes the most talented youth player since Wilshere

  • All he needs now is to gain experience, become mroe confident and put more power on his shots and he will be immense

  • @Futbolistas1079 Can’t say i do to be honest.
    The only way your going to see young players on a regular basis with decent quality video is through the “bigger” clubs online service. I do watch the odd bit of Ajax TV which has a great coverage of there youth setup which includes players of the age of 14 and 15 YO’s, the only downside is everythings in dutch.

  • @peterk87 do u know where i could find any videos of like 15 or 14 year old soccer players that are playing in pro teams

  • Mix of Scholes and Alex Helb imo.

    Wilshere will be a star he has the football brain of a 30 year old player.

  • well you can see, besides Joe cole and Paul gascoigne, We haven’t really seen a technique based player in England for the past 20 years. This guy wilshire’s technique made brazilians jealous.

  • and YES he is english, why are you so suprised?? 🙂

  • he play’s like Joe Cole

  • marvelous player..

  • i guess he’ll be the one to replace fabregas in the future

  • Without being disrespectful, he is much better than Cole @ same age [better close-control, vision, decision-making & intelligence], Cole was primarily a show pony.

  • our iniesta

  • Great video, you’ve managed to get hold of a lot of obscure footage

  • little like a joe cole.

  • the boy is too good for the youth system

  • Finally some1 that arsenal can really call their own, wifout barca taking credit

  • He reminds me alot of Messi because of his ability to breaktrough. On top of that he has great vision and skill too.

  • He reminds me of Giggs, not in playing style, but in Potential. I think if developed well he could be as good or better than any Top Midfielder in the game today.

  • will be 😛

  • better than cesc 🙂

  • fabregas 😉

  • The next Kaka??

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