Jack Wilshere-Future of Arsenal

This is a video clip I made about our gifted younster, Jack Wilshere.


  • @yourma40 lol very funny -_-

  • welcome to fc copenhagen. signed for 1 million 🙂

  • 1:17 absolutely amazing

  • The past few seasons Wenger kept him out of the spotlight, saying he’d be spoiled as a player if he was thrown out to first team action constantly. I have to admit, I hastily judged the situation…but Wenger was right, he’s matured at a great rate and is now showing us what he can do.

    Trust in Wenger!

  • @zzzcenazzz thanks mate, hope more ppl would watch it 🙂

  • only 115 views????
    supposed to be 1000000000 views

  • nice vid

  • @DJMKN93 thanks
    ya, wenger us great

  • Nice man, another great player that has come through the ranks and proof that Wengers theory works 🙂
    Arsenal just need to stop getting so much bad luck! lol

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