Jack wilshere & Gael kakuta

the future of English Premier League
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  • @deeboi2007 Lol at Chelsea stole Kakuta, Because really, apart from Wilshere, Arsenal are the biggest youth stealer.

  • wilshere owned barca tonite

  • @rudebeatz thanks, if we dont win a trophy this year it would be a disaster

  • @jikkh2x wenger is a voyeur!!!!! Lol
    More seriously (i like to be objective in my comments) Its hard to say who’s gonna win wat this year… but arsenal never convice me they will trash chelsea out and then go and lose a 4 goal lead at new castle!.. typical Arsenal.. I really wish you good luck with barcelona though!! I sincerely hope You can get something out of it ( Perhaps if Messi catches Malaria)

  • @rudebeatz lol wilsheres about to win the carling cup and hes not even 20, whats josh going to win?

  • @jikkh2x HAHAHAH yeah perhaps he should go to arsenal and give up hopes of any silverware!

  • @deeboi2007 Wilshire is good, and has great vision but unless in the future he has insane vision and passing like Xavi he will never be as good as kakuta will be. Players like kakuta (world beaters, fast, skillful, dribblers, taking on defence type player) always stand out and its easier to be world class. but look at the top 40 players in the world.. vision type players theres only Xavi, Iniesta, Lampard, Fabregas. the rest are made up of kakuta type players..

  • im a chelsea fan and i think kakuta will be a good player and you cant compare wilshwere and kakuta, they are different players. i do think if you had to compare though wilsheres better and will be better until kakutas passing improves

  • @rudebeatz he should come to arsenal then shouldnt he? dont think he would get in the team with wilshere there though 😉

  • @jikkh2x i never said he was zidane.. i said he had the manerism.. look how he runs and moves and touches the ball. The only problem is that chelsea don’t have a real technical Coach Who can bring the skills out of these players like utd did with Ronaldo etc..

  • @rudebeatz sorry, josh has very good techninque but he is nowhere near wilshere, absolutely nowhere near

    young zidane? lol, because hes got a good touch and is quite gracefull hes zidane now? if so then you might as well say aaron lennon has the manerism of a young maradona, lmao

  • @TheYoby11 almost agee with you but i think kakuta just needs better mentoring. he is naturally really reserved and needs someone to bring the best out off him.. not sure drogz and anelka are the type of playes to do that.. and malouda just pisses me off this season.. back to where he started… failing every movement he does.. !!!

  • Kakuta has been rather dissapointing to watch.. this season he seems verry panickey whenever givent the opportunity (i think that has to do with the missed penalty @ blackburn last year… he hasen’t been the same player since…
    He needs to develop his trade under a player that is similar to him and that would bring the best out of him.. joe cole could have been a good model. but there is no one at chelsea he can mirror.. Look at Van anholt learning from Cole, Bruma learning from terry!

  • @Berisoo mcechran Wins Hands Down. He has the manerism of a young zidane.. and rarely loses the ball, and when he does he alwasy gets it back! He is the future!

  • You cant compare Kakuta to Wilshere, Kakuta is a winger and Wilshere is a midfielder. You should Compare Mceachran to Wilshere.

  • He looked way out of place when he came on against arsenal. A long way to go yet.

  • JOSH MCEACHRAN IS THE FUTURE!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@

  • 03:30 . . . . .

  • @deeboi2007 ok well this season sofare jack wilkshere has pretty much broken into the arsenal side, but kakuta has struggled with the chances hes been given by chelsea, when he starts he has a habbit of not performing and resulting in him being subbed at half time. kakuta may not make it at the same level of jack wilkshere but i think there is great promise and talent in Josh McCeachran who chelsea have had since he was like 8. he really is at the same level as jack wilkshere if not better.

  • @deeboi2007
    yeah Ok what you say is true but when you say it like that you can also say that they aren´t the same player types …
    And i personnely think that kakuta is unbelievable and will have a bigger carrier than Wilshere ..

    sorry for this bad englsih

  • Your forgeting Josh McEachran hes started a few games for Chelsea now, Ancelotti even went as far as to say he was the best player on the pitch last night. Im not a Chelsea fan so i looking at it more from a England point of view. Futures looking goof for England atm, with McEachran-Rodwell-Wilshere midfield and Wickham, Jones, welbeck to say another few.

  • Two very different players, Wilshere is a Central Playmaker, whilst Kakuta is a winger… Like comparing Zidane with Ronaldo. Also Wilshere is younger, already a full England International, A handful of Arsenal Appearances, not as a passenger but having a real influence in Games, he’ll only develop more and more. Kakuta dont think you’ll see im for at least another few years, Daniel Sturridge anyone? Wilshere and Ramsey the future! Rant OVER!

  • @S61631

    That’s beside the point. You have an ageing side, you are under pressure to bring through a player (since no one has come through your youth since John Terry). Of Course Ancelotti is going to give a few youngsters some chances..I’ve seen Chelsea’s youth teams over the years since I watch a lot of youth football and they are very average.

  • @popkid2002uk i voted this up and im a chelsea fan

  • AT THE MOMENT wilsheres the better player and its COMING FROM A CHELSEA FAN. wilshere’s playing amazingly this season…but i think kakuta has more potential, exciting type of player.people saying wilshere is so good considering his age….look at the whole arsenal team. its youngsters….and wenger just chooses to play young players, thats his choice and thats partly why wilshere has broken through. kakuta has a harder job because it is way harder to break into the chelsea team.

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