Jack Wilshere goals against Rangers

Arsenal Rangers 3- . The 2 goals of Gunners have scored by the 17 decades outdated attacking midfielder Jack Wilshere. He can also play as left or proper midfielder. Previous period he made eight appereances and scored one objective and served a single help. The other objective of Arsenal scored the Croatian striker Eduardo.


  • good song whats it called 🙂

  • @EurofoniaS

    the music does ruin this video to be fair

  • @Da40cal pfft better than beckham

  • Wilshere will take over Lampard on the international front.
    Wenger called him the next Bergkamp when he was 16 and he has gone from strength to strength since then.
    At the age of 18 he has proved he can play in the PL which is a feet in itself give him another season on Loan and he will be fighting for first team players for places.

  • Assist was even better

  • I am 17

  • Next Messi = Vela ! 🙂

  • And Aaron

  • What is it with creators putting music when crowd & commentary are available. Remove this shyte sound, its terrible.

  • damnnn its bloody unbelievable when u see someone the same age as you but playing for arsenal….

    so proud of jack 😀

  • Great player… Great clip… But seriously, why do we insist on posting clips like this against such angry, pissed off, “bombing babies at 30,000 feet” music???

  • next beckham.

  • he is 17

  • he’s 16

  • that 2nd goal was world class man

  • Jack the ripper! The tabloids will be using that before long.

  • He is 17, and he is a world class player already 🙂 Tomas Rosicky is injuried again with a hamstring injurie. About 6 weeks to recover I thought

  • dam.. he’s only what, 16 or 17? He could easily become a world class player

  • its frightening thinking about how good he is going to be, providing he isnt puut under too much pressure at this age

  • that was Sanchez Watt, another talented arsenal youngster

  • kids like jack coming through the ranks is what makes me proud to be a gooner,keep up the good work jack,you can be a truly great player and im not just saying that because im a gooner,dont end up like adebayor and ronaldo where all they see is money in their eyes,play for the love of the game and you will be a true great!!

  • Alex Song nice tackle in the corner with defender of Glasgow Rangers.

  • Love the editing and your musical timing – actually lol-ed at the second goal on 1:28!

  • he has that style doesn’t he? cutting in from the right, dribbling or going through the middle with his power he can be a threat to any defence…
    Jack the ripper!

  • Why did you add music at all?

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