Jack Wilshere Post-Barcelona Interview

The Arsenal midfielder displays on the Gunners’ 2-one acquire above Barcelona.
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  • genius by arsene to identify and address the fact that barca would control possession for long periods and arsenal would get frustrated. we didn’t let it get to us though.

  • jack u say u want to aspire to be like xavi and iniesta.. well mate u took them to school that night. cant wait to see more of u

  • oh, i think i got my gaydar back. hope he comes out and when he does keep ur homophobic mouths shut. englands best being openly gay would be a milestone.

  • He talks like an old pro

    Can’t wait to see more of him for England

  • @CHEESYhairyGASH or the camera man? lol

  • Villa: ˝Shit! Where am i?Xavi where are you?Leo?˝

  • @xxxDANIILOxxx David Villa – offside on *and* off the pitch!

  • 0:29 and 1:54 David Villa is lost!?

  • Why cant Jack smile more a lil bit more often in his pictures like 1:31??

  • how short is the interviewer?

  • this kid is just pure class. Nothing fazes him at all. All the pressure was on him by himself in the midfield against Barcelona. He held his own. He has it all. pure class. Most classy Arsenal player , also he is very tough little cookie.

  • @xFJ69x They can be. That is if Shawcross and Stoke don’t get to them first next week and break there legs.

  • @hamala Eboue is crap! Wilshere played a brilliant match! Beste player of the night!

  • was that carlota fabregas villa hugged…

  • Villa is talking to Cesc’s mum and sister

  • villa walking past at 0:30

  • @xFJ69x


    wilshere rules btw! sick player

  • @hamala I’ma need to see your f-cking hands at the concert


  • lol is that david villa??? XD 0:29

  • pure class i think in a couple of years fabregas+wilshere will be better than the xavi+iniesta lets just wait and see what happens

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