Jack Wilshere Pre-Birmingham City Interview

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere talks about the upcoming Carling Cup last against Birmingham Town at Wembley.
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  • @10fati i totally agree 🙂

  • Wow love his attitude

  • Love his brown eyes..and when he smiles…OMG.! Beautiful.^-^

    He is such a good player.:-)

  • why are u all complaining about the way he speaks? i can understand him perfectly and i’m portuguese :b
    amaysing player, the future of Arsenal and England 🙂 <3

  • @julianken2008 Are you telling me that footballers ain’t stars? Fine. Let’s say very famous persons then. Still, he’ll just has to speak more clearly. It would help. If you think otherwise, well, that’s your problem 😉

  • @eetjaarem He is a footballer, not a “star” that you are thinking of. His job is not giving interviews or speeches, his job is to play great football for Arsenal. Look at Paul Scholes he is an outstanding footballer with no “star” qualities

  • @julianken2008 I you want to be a star and be able to do a proper interview, you got to speak clearly. Every Englishman will understand him, but lot’s of others would find it hard. Non native speakers I mean.

  • @eetjaarem He sounds fine to me. He’s no Barack Obama he’s just a normal kid from Hertfordshire

  • It would help it the boy would speak a bit clearer. I’m Dutch and I can follow, but I think other people might find it harder to understand him. He should articulate better.

    Still, fantastic player! To play against Xavi like that a week ago, great player.

    He’s gonna be one of the world’s best midfielders (ever?).

  • what 19 year olds dominate the center of midfield like he does!?

  • love wilshere. glides around the pitch and has a pass of a god.

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