Jack Wilshere – Rising Star

A compilation of Arsenal’s youthful star. Manufactured by me. No copyright meant.
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  • you can just tell hes a natural born footballer, the way hes composed on the ball…never panics

  • Fortissimo questo giocatore!!!! ha tecnica e agilità . . . e un ottimo passaggio!! 😉

  • @cspeidel331 u just werent born with talent to be a top footballer like wilshere.. ur like 99.9% of the population.. dont u worry

  • @supaahflyy hell dive, most players wiith skills tend to dive.

  • @YouAreHereification true man i think the english media are the main cause of killing an english player of before maturity.

  • @marshallmeyer1 u missed the great zidane, ronaldo 9 and cruyff.

  • @frenchkids i think the main problem is the english media. players that show promise get killed of by the media pressure and overhype. this guy needs to be barcelona to get better success and recognition will develop.

  • @19wilshere the kid has potential, he needs to mature and get 1st team and barca wud come running.

  • wow, hes my age. shows how much ive done in life..

  • This lad is absolutely fantastic!!! And only just turned 19??!! He’ll defo be a 90+ rating on Fifa.

  • come to lfc!!

  • É um futuro craque!!

  • the best players of all time, (messi, maradona, pele) all had an insane left foot, like this man

  • @ashbeen2styles Depends if you see international football as the pinacle of the sport. The greatest displays of football invariably take place at club level. Barcelona are the greatest football team currently operating. The WC may be the most prestigious but it’s not the best example of football, in my opinion. Wilshere shows skill for someone so young, but he’s no different from many youngsters that have showed promise in the last 10 years. Besides, he’s English. International success?

  • @frenchkids They have all achieved something at club level. They have never come close to a world player of the year or baloon dor and they were part of the england squad that was suppose to be 3rd favourites to win the world cup.

  • @ashbeen2styles Rooney, Gerrard and Terry have all achieved something remarkable. Wilshere hasn’t achieved anything apart from showing SOME promise. The former are not overrated.

  • looks like shoould be in preschool faggot little kid

  • thats what we need in the England, someone with bit of youth and passion, get rid of the oldies

  • @Matuluwww He is 18 and playing for one of the best football teams in europe week in week out. Yes, he is english, and i am sick of foreigners telling us if he is overated or not. Media are notoriously bad at doing that in england, but this kid has something the english game has missed for years. Forget, Gerrard and lampard, this kid is playing asonishingly well and should bepraised for it. He is defiently NOT over rated.

  • haha clearly wilshere is unbelievable

  • @Matuluwww hes only 18 yh

  • If this is English footballs hottest talent then sadly English football is dying out. Disapointing how the English media always always overate their players.

  • The worst thing a young player can learn is your going to be great. Greatness comes from working hard at your game, developing it. Players like zidane, ronaldinho and henry became prolific in their mid- twenties. Long way to go jack!

  • @ashbeen2styles
    he isn’t overrated at all
    he’s the most technically gifted english player we have , and there aren’t many around.

  • @14mGOD of course the media overrates him just like Rooney, Gerrard, Terry and the rest

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