Jack Wilshere signs a new contract with AFC

Jack Wilshere on signing his new contract : “Like I said, this is the club I want to be at. When you’re taking part in with gamers like Cesc, Samir, it tends to make it so easy for you. To be honest, it can make me look a much better player so I am content to play here!”


  • Cute!!!

  • @TheDsouzaHour He smiles so much. In particular during post-match interviews as myshinizzle wrote.

  • jack is going to be great imo he has everthing going for hime ver talented, keen, hard working, and great attitude

  • @TheDsouzaHour what? Jack smiles a lot, especially in post-match interviews 😛

  • @TheDsouzaHour I’ll look into ATVO list later, but I think Samir interview is in French. He, however, did and English post-match interview (along with Jack) after the Carling Cup match vs Spurs

  • also does Jack ever smile?

  • Hey dude,
    Sorry to bother but would you by anychance have videos of Kerrea Gilbert spotlights, Justin Hoyte or Samir Nasri interviews?

  • left footed, right handed! really great lad too

  • @SymphonyOfDestruct99 hhaha, I get what you mean but I think Jack is a real deal. If you read his tweets, you can see how the kid is genuinely happy and excited to sign for the club. Maybe I’m being ahead of this, but Jack is my perfect candidate for future ‘Mr. Arsenal’ to come. Only time will tell, we’ll see 🙂

  • @wellooeeeee no, not Fabregas. I trust Fabregas because most of the fiasco before are hyped up by the media while he just keep it quiet.

  • @SymphonyOfDestruct99 You mean fabregas ? he sing 8 years not 5 .

  • Hope he will honor his contract, unlike certain player who just sign 5 years deal but suddenly express interest to move to bigger club and other example, a player who threatened to leave because of so-called their club lacks ambition but ultimately signed a new contract in the end that doubled his already fat wage.

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