Jack Wilshere: Story So Far Part 1

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  • ha looking for scraps of his so called genius its just a load of misses

  • @DagItsIsaiah you spelled cristiano wrong that is how you spell it

  • @andresiniesta1234567

    “Henry didn’t come through Arsenal’s youth system! He was 22 when they bought him from Juve”.
    I was talking about Henry, at least read the conversation before going into keyboard warrior mode, it was like 3 sentences long, I’m sure you could manage if you really tried.

  • @Abishop111 he’s 18 retard!! bitch

  • @Abishop111 fuck up WIlshere is 18 dumbass bitch

  • @sindbavids1 He isnt anymore

  • shouldnt be a reserve

  • @Zomxvid also henry was a right winger to start with and wenger played him up front and look at what happened… possibly the greatest striker of the modern age

  • @nurim24 wierd? what about, waddle, matthews, le tiessier, hoddle, brooking, gascoigne, rooney, joe cole?

  • future talent definitely!!! could be a super star!!

  • the best arsenal product of all time!!!!… and soon to be better than fabregas….thank god he is not gona be labled as having a bracelona DNA

  • This kid is a wonder. One of the most technically gifted players around the world。English or not.

  • @supergunner07 thats what i thought as well

  • Good video man

  • Promising, very promising

  • i’m happy to completely agree with you on that. let’s hope it’s an experienced keeper and defender.

  • That I don’t deny. Being a football fan, I actually admire Arsene’s vision for the future and his philosophy of the club. Although I do believe that he needs a group of old heads there to keep the young guns in line so they don’t give in to the hype perpetuated by the media, like you said. Not to mention to actually WIN something because to convince everyone of your doctrine, you actually have to have concrete proof that can validate it, i.e Champions League.

  • i’m just saying, macheda’s got all this hype like wilshere does when neither of them have really proved that they are great. only thing is, arsenal have the best youth/reserve team according to last year’s results. and wilshere did take part in their success.

  • I suggest you look at his performances outside of that Aston Villa goal and besides, why would you even compare the 2? They both play different positions and have different styles. Furthermore, so what if the goals were mediocre? Last time I checked, that’s what strikers do. Just bang in the goals.

  • macheda doesn’t have anything on wilshere. his goals weren’t even that great, just important. wilshere will soon enough school him

  • he is good at football

  • ummm have u looked at a map of the world lately? lol

  • I think meant to say he plays with a continental style rather than kick & rush.

  • wenger was monacos coach when henry was there (youngster still) then wenger went to japan and henry to juve, when wenger took over at arsenal he took henry from juve, thats why u can say wenger made henry, and u can see it by the way henry is so thankful to wenger, arsene wenger learned some of stefan kovacs (ajax/monaco) total football that is why arsenal play so beautiful! wilshere will be the next #10.

  • i swear england is in europe ur smart ¬¬

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