Jack Wilshere tackle Evra RED CARD (Manchester United-Arsenal)

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  • United get everything there way asusual

  • great to see that cunt Jack Wheelchair sent off

  • The amount of times wilshere gets taken out and get straight back up
    instead of rolling on the floor like a tit

  • studds up on evras ankle/leg … find it funny how all the ars fans are
    defending him!

  • you have no idea…

  • Wilshere doesn’t roll, but he does enjoy lying on the floor with his face
    in his hands.

  • This is stupid. He got the ball, evra was so overreacting

  • Lol Jack Wheelchair…hahahaha

  • who about the tackle of RVP to Sagna,or the tackle of cleverley to
    wilshere, FUCK MAN UNITED!

  • shut up kid

  • wilshere is overrated


  • no great 2 see overrated cunts like him sent off

  • I’m an Arsenal fan you nonce, haha. I love Wilshere, that doesn’t mean to
    say I’m just going to overlook what he actually does.

  • Fucking ugly MUFC fan, you’re just fucking jealous of our midfielder.

  • what the hell? he took a dive!

  • No contact at all he was like a metre away dirty fiver

  • dive

  • Dive thats why i hate united

  • Diver

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