Jack Wilshere – The Future of Arsenal and England?

No copyright supposed. Audio: Re-Education (Through Labor) – Rise Towards One particular of Arsenal’s English kids, Jack Wilshere has previously shown extraordinary expertise. With his wonderful vision, target scoring potential and quick footwork, Wilshere is definitely a single to view during the 2010/2011 time.


  • @baher131 Well any upbeat song is quite good for football videos. There is pretty much a whole franchise of videos that use the song Can’t Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr. (That song is put onto a compilation of skills of pretty much all the greatest players like Ronaldo, Messi and Nasri. Just type in Messi Can’t be touched and it will come up with quite a few)
    Kasabian and The Prodigy would also be ones that I personally would like to hear. Any kind of Techno tends to fit in quite well.

  • @fluffymole0913 Great, I’d love to get exposure to more bands to include in my vids. Suggestions?

  • @kosovanwhizkid For the 2012 Euro I think the best option would be: Hart, G.Johnson, Terry, Cahill, Cole, Wilshere, Gerrard, Walcott, Milner, Rooney and Bent.
    The likes of Gibbs, A.Johnson, Carrol, Shawcross and Walker would be very good as substitutes while the big guys have still got it 🙂

  • I love Rise Against but there are seriously tons of songs out there that would fit more to this video.

  • Wonderfull…

  • @kosovanwhizkid Kyle Walker from Tottenham will probably be England’s next right back, very talented, he’s going on loan to Aston villa till summer.

  • @dbmcmillan the best will be germanies future team for sure !

  • I am looking forward to a midfield 3 of Rodwell (Everton), McEachren (Chelsea), Wilshire (Arsenal) in the future. Maybe a backward line of Richards (City), Shawcros (Stoke), Gary Cahil (Bolton), Gibbs (Arsenal), with Joe Hart in goal (City). Not sure about the forward three though, probably Adam Johnson (City), Rooney, Carrol (Newcastle).

  • He will become the best midfielder in the world someday I think, and I’m a Spurs fan. Can’t wait to see what England’s future midfield is like, one of the best, if not the best, in the world probably.

  • i think with some work he could go really far.

  • @garowecity ramsey and wilshere the future looks bright

  • ramsey and wilshere the future

  • him and ramsey Can be a midfield Colosus …. well I am lookin forward to when fabregas goes and Ramsey and wilshere Are in dat midfield wit nasri.

  • i’m a united fan!
    but i have to say he will be the future 😉
    he’s so dam good 😀

  • The new fabregas, no doubt.

  • This lads class and without doubt the replacement for cesc fabregas, as he will obviously leave next year. Come on the Arsenal

  • sick

  • looks good

  • @peterk87 How do you mean?

  • Some of these clips look very familiar : ) nevertheless good comp.

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