Jack Wilshere – The Young Gunner

The youthful gunner Jack Wilshere from Arsenal FC. Credits: Only myself 🙂 Song: The Prodigy – Stand up


  • welcome to Barcelona.

  • @RastaSmetak007 dude are you from the desert? whats the song???????????

  • He had a good spell at Bolton and will be awesome as he was at the Reekbok Stadium if he starts!


  • @EddieHodgson09
    Get off!

  • i really hope wenger plays him alot more this season , i think he will grow to become one of the best players in the world

  • Brilliant player love liverpool to sign I’m him n gerrard together wid be amazing

  • I hopefully Bolton will make him experenced enough to be a true star 🙂

  • The Prodigy – Stand up

  • What is this Song???

  • this kid is a future de’or winner …. will be the best in the world

  • Would love to see him at the Turf for just 6 months.

  • very nice player! and nice goal of bendtner 1:46

  • His best goals (that I have seen) aren’t on this video unless I missed them. Top corner jobs with the inside and outside of his left boot. Is he left-footed?

  • dis guy is already fit for 1st team…just needs more strength and body growth!!!!! could be the nxt messi of the premier leauge with his stature 🙂

  • he will be a great player!!!

  • You really knows him? COOL! I am beginning to like him more and more

  • the future of english football

  • i know Jack
    he lives in Hitchin nd i go to th same school wen he was at school nd his nan lives in my village

    Jack Wilshere A.K.A Young Fabregas (says arsene wenger)

  • hes actually 1 of arsenals best technique quality players he just needs more experience and strength, atm he’s crossing and shooting is already top quality alot better then most of our players

  • Nice compilation, what program did you use to remove the copyright from Arsenal TV?? Cheers

  • Thanks 🙂
    – the song is The Prodigy – Stand up 😉

  • great vid. i’m the biggest fan of this kid. whats the song tho?

  • Thanks dude 🙂

  • Great comp, much higher quality than the rest. Like Jack.

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