Jack Wilshere vs Macedonia (short comp)

Jack Wilshere abilities and passes versus Macedonia U21
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  • was that a yellow card offence with his hand ball?
    -Was it even judged as hand ball??

  • Hart

  • looks a worse tackler than Paul Scholes and gets knocked off the ball a bit easy. Still a long way to go but i think he will establish himself eventually. He needs to learn to do the more effective simple pass to open up oposition and not try and take on 3 then loose it when his team mates are waiting for a pass.

  • a nice handball to finish off the vid =D

  • 1:51 i loving that turn

  • The Future is Bright The Future is Arsenal

  • Already more technically sound than the whole of the squad that went to the World Cup. He just needs to improve his decision making. WILSHERE FOR ENGLAND!

  • he is going to be great

  • he would have done a much better performance in the world cup than lampard. He is just an old overrated player. Not including these type of players was a mistake from capello.

  • what do you guys want ? he will be a great player in future and even maradona didnt use his right feet and this says a german to you πŸ˜‰ … england has great talented players , the problem its just that they dont have so many chances to play cause the clubs prefere to spend millions of Β£ or € for foreign players for example france ,spain,netherlands. If the clubs in england continue like that you will never win a world cup again like germany πŸ˜‰

  • unfortunately wilshere is wasted in the under 21s for as long as pearce is in controll. he insists on playing route 1 football missing out wilshere (who imo is the best english talent since rooney)

  • some people just look at the negatives (what he can’t do) He should be allowed to develope naturally in terms of his physique, not every player will be of the same size as Rooney at 18.

  • what you all going on about right left foot? wilshere is class and he has so much promise, n to the guy who said he needs strength.. learn your football mated, wilshere as small as he is has plenty of it, something called a low centre of gravity. any player i the world has to improve. simple as.

  • you are such a dumb piece of shit. just stop talking. i bet a rock is more intelligent than you

  • every player has a preferred foot
    fabregas has his right feet wilshere has his left
    what he needs to do is improve his right foot like Fabregas improved his left.
    Thats it

  • I’m with sniper on this one despite the language lol! alien or whatever your name is you dont seem to have your facts right! you saw him play for arsenal against arsenal??? At what an intra-club match??? yeah right! And the majority of you guys on here are right i’ve been watching alot of his clips especially the one against Man City and he is always using his left 90% of the time! No doubt he will be a good player!!!

  • wilshere ist einer meiner lieblingsspieler hoffe dass er noch ganz groß rauskommt πŸ™‚

  • @thechosenalien why dont u go fk yr self hes a better player than u can imagine u fked up dikhed. hes shit go sort ur fkn life out.

  • arshavin is also wonderfully balances and two footed. i hope wilshere can make it, coz his left foot is brilliant but hes gonna have to train his right reallty hard, i didnt seee a single touch in this vid with his right foot

  • body strength will come naturally, his small size is also an advantage when going past players. Arshavin is one of the smallest player in the premier league but it is hard to knock him off the ball.

  • hes very one footed. also needs to get more strength

  • lol yeah

  • hes overrated and shit!! watched him like 7 times for arsenal and u know what hes had 1 good game against arsenal thats it hes shit

  • the reason he is not playing is he has not yet developed physically, he will need the body strength when dribbling. Rooney looked like a 25 year old at the age of 16, in 2 years is when u will see the best of Wilshere. I hope he will be able to handle the pressure.

  • well he’s better than some players who play for the first team

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