Jack Wilshere Wonder Goal

***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT Supposed*** He will be a fantastic player for Arsenal IF he continues to operate tough in instruction & after instruction periods on his game. His talent base for 16 yr old is incredible, he has obviously been watching and studying from Bergkamp, Henry & Pires who treated us to several Curling shots from outside and inside the box in the previous. Best comparison for him is Messi/Hleb due to the fact he is similar to them in terms of stability, quick change of direction, shut control dribbling & ball manipulation plus he has amazing vision.


  • He’s assist is a world class. He knows when to pass when the striker needed it.

  • Talent of Arsenal. A great future.

  • @stoikes Wilshere is much better than Bendtner. By the way your a div

  • @menopeli123
    to Wilshere : dont betray us :))

  • im 12 yrs old n ply cf for arsenal jg team (junior gunnners) undr 13 n wilshere goal was beasty lol

  • @bollvetennis really? have you not watched England recently? we’re about the same level as them these days mate.

  • @stoikes no course im not. obviously he’s a lot better than bendtner. demark’s team is nowhere near as good as england’s…

  • @bollvetennis starting for england. yeah and Bender started for Denmark. So you’re saying Wilshere is as good as Bender. Shit then.

  • @menopeli123 kiva nähä muitaki suomalaisii Arsenal fanej. Mitäs luulet Barca pelist?

  • @stoikes yeah mate playing regularly. starting for england. producing consistently good performances. and he was produced by the arsenal system…. so think before you make stupid comments.

  • Any idea what the music is?

  • @stoikes Portsmouth-administration(almost extinct), Southampton-were on the brink until raking in the cash for 3 of their wonderkids. I rest my case. No point fighting a battle u will always lose my friend

  • I am not an arsena fanl but i am an England fan and think we may have a world class player in the makeing here what’s very good for england.

  • @menopeli123

    “I Would love to become an Arsenal legend. Im very happy, i just signed new contract. I want to be at Arsenal rest of my career. I want to be an ARSENAL LEGEND.” – Jack Wilshere

    for footballer’s promises see Fernando Torres…….

  • Jack WIlshere is England’s great white hope. Only he can save the national team from the crisis it’s in.

  • @donkeydinners You sir, are an Arsenal fan, that’s worse. He’s not going to be one of the world’s greats whilst he stays at Arsenal. Fabregas is close to one and that’s why he’s going to Barcelona at the end of the season.

  • @stoikes You sir, are a dirty trolling twat. Yes, Redknapp does leave clubs in terrible states. What happened when he left Portsmouth? If I do remember correctly, they nearly went into administration and are now in the bottom half of the Championship. Southampton, also suddenly had money problems and fell into League One. He’s a greedy fat Tottenham Hotspur faggot. Now gtfo this Arsenal video.
    PS. Jack Wilshere is a genius and is going to be one of the world’s greats over the next 10 years 🙂

  • @Dinohead86 10 times the money? All in a terrible state? Think before you make stupid comments.

  • love the music..its like i’m high and playing fifa or something :|…oh…this wilshere assist and goal made my day btw

  • love the music..its like i’m high and playing fifa or something 😐

  • @stoikes If we had Redknapp and not Wenger we would be in administartion. He’s only a gd manager because wherever he goes he gets 10 time the money of the previous manager to spend. West Ham, Southampton and Portsmouth were all in a terrible state when he left them. Think before you make stupid comments

  • @Christophergeoffrey You’re a prize idiot.

  • This is the only time tough 35 year old men could get away watching a 16 year old boy playing with balls on the internet 😀

  • @stoikes if we had Redknapp he’d do his best to put us into administration.

  • @fluffymole0913 I hope beyond hope he will be good enough to step in for Gerrard ( i’m a UTD fan). Lampard has never been a key player for England, all the potential but no vinegar. I can see his potential too. But I don’t think Arsenal is the club for any future England player., Wenger is not the god you make him out to be. He’s still there because he keeps your books in the black, nothing else. Arsenal are a massive club, legendary even. But if you had Redknapp now and not Wagner….

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