Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has revealed that people often forget that he is extremely young at just 21 years of age. Wilshere is regarded as one of the finest midfielders in England right now. England captain Steven Gerrard has himself stated that Wilshere will be the future of the England national team. The youngster has said that simply because he is the father of two kids mean that people often forget his age. This is because it is not usual for a 21-year-old to have two kids, but Wilshere also reckons that the perception may come from the fact that he has been playing first-team football for a long time.

Wilshere has been a first-team regular since the last few years while he made his debut for Arsenal as a 16-year-old. He also made his debut for the England national team at just 18 years, which is one of the lowest figures for any player at international level. Wilshere has recently been suffering from injury problems, which have kept him out of the first-team. The midfielder only made a comeback last season after spending more than a year on the sidelines. He is happy to have made more than 35 appearances last season, while he has been a first-team regular this time around.

“Yes, I do think (people forget my age). Not just because I’ve been around for a long time, but people hear I’ve got two kids and it’s not often you hear about a 21-year-old with two kids. I have been in the (Arsenal) first team since I was 16, so that is five years and that is quite a long time in football terms. I made my debut when I was 16 and the aim was to play for England and it came pretty quickly – when I was 18,” said Jack Wilshere to Arsenal’s official website.