Paul Merson: Jack Wilshere should stay off the booze

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  • @ gmc5times1 I know this isn’t my argument and the comment was from over a month ago but saying that Viveora is up their arse when they was spot on, wilshere is a brilliant and rare talent no matter what you say, and in the first leg of the barca arsenal game he was the best player on the pitch, and your up your own arse if you think that there are 5000 wilsheres in Spain

  • @Joshalidina im not saying it’s responsible. but you can’t expect a rich 20 year old not to party. Whether you’re a parent or not, you need to party. otherwise might as well become a priest.get hammered once in a while..have a few beers..if you were rich, you would probably drink and smoke your brains out…i know i would,but i cant afford it..

  • @WeezySilviu Interesting you say when they’re 35-40 and married and have kids. Well it seems like a lot of these guys have kids when they are about 19. So looking at things that way, is it really that responsible if they go out and get hammered?

  • PFA Young Player of The Year and in PFA Team of The Year. Says it all really. Class player, huge potential.

  • Merse is a complete arse, dudes a drunkard coke fiend. Disrespecting arsenal stupid twat, these muppets merse bit the hand that fed him talking nonsense about the arsenal when they saved your career when your life was falling apart from drugs, alcohol & gambling stupid moroon. My message to you merse is lay off the booze yourself, most of the time your just kissing that fags redknapps ass on sky your a complete drunkard yourself & then disrespecting glen johnson he exposed your btych ass faggot.

  • I hate when people say ” footballers shouldn’t drink,shouldn’t party until they retire”…they wanna party when they’re young, not when they get to 35-40, when they are married and have kids….

  • @Viveora wilshere was amazing against barca??? dont talk utter shit he played well yes.. but that was about it. your just a typical brit. a player is having a decent season and hes english you think hes the best player in the world… get your head out of your arse you dillusional bastard and stop sending me stupid messages about a 19 year old kid who has done fuckall yet! im sorry to inform you but england will never win a world cup. theres 5 thousand wilsheres in spain!!

  • @gmc5times1 lampard is better, maybe because he has tons of experience? did that ever cross your mind? jonjo shelvey was playing for charlton back then, and your acting like ‘oh jonjo shelvey was so good when he was 17 cos he now plays for liverpool’ it doesnt matter what they did at 17 years of age. its the big stages that counts and wilshere was amazing against barcelona, in his FIRST season in the champions league

  • @Viveora i dont know what the the shelvy comment meant.. what does it matter were he came from? [another thick twat] and as for lampard dont embarrass yourself. please dont tell me wilshere is better.. some thick twats on youtube there really is… haha

  • @gmc5times1 haha jonjo shelvey, you didnt raise shelvey, you bought him from charlton.
    lamard is 32 wilshere is 19. and lampard is crap for england, as the years prove. seriously, he cant learn to play with gerrard?

  • is merse a legend? over use of the word perhaps…

  • @Lomaxthereviewer juat by the way you wrote that message i know you know fuckall about football.. shelvy is injured you thick twat. when he was fit he was getting his fair share of games. anyway what was the point in that message?? what does it matter what position the club is in.lampard is better than wilshere and chelsea are 4th!! hahahha you fuckin fool!

  • @gmc5times1
    you are total fuckin fool if you think shelvy is any good, he is a reserve for LIVERPOOL, who are 6th. Wilshere is first team for ARSENAL who are second!!

  • magic merse, total legend

  • Respond to this video…oh 1 more thing in that u17 euros. jon jo shelvy was englands best player by a mile. not wilshere.

  • @jogabonito192 1st of all stato go and get yourself a girl you fuckin nerd.. and 2nd you have your opinion i have mine. your a band wagon jumper im not.and 3rd as i said before the great jack wilshere has scored and set up less than 5 goals in nearly a full season… dont forget you jumped in my conversation.. you silly prick enjoy supporting shitty england. you deluded twat

  • @gmc5times1 right im not commentin anymore after this because you’re clearly an idiot, but ill sign off with a few ‘facts’ as you thought i should face them. For England, Wilshere has played a year above his age group since 14. After the 2009 U17 Euros, was in the UEFA (NOT ENGLISH) 10 stars for the future. In the Arsenal Barca 1st leg he completed 93.5% of his passes overall and 91% of his passes in the final third of the pitch. Not bad? Oh n who mentioned winning the world cup? What are u on?

  • @jogabonito192 no im not deluded im just not a fuckin silly england fan. who hopes that any kid is going 2 be as good as messi. im a realist who knows that england are shit and that theres kids all over the world better than wilshere and the rest.. so stop dreaming of winning a world cup. its never going 2 happen. and face facts

  • @gmc5times1 right calm down mate. and stop the hate on english people? right quote me where i said Wilshere is better than Fabregas? Maybe brush up on your reading skills? I said ‘at times’ outshines Fabregas, which is a true statement, so stop being such a mug! And what are you banging on about his age for? Can a kid not be talented? I see from your profile your a ‘pool fan, like myself, if you are then i can see why people think were deluded. The kid is talented. FACT.

  • @jogabonito192 fabregas is on a whole other level than wilshere will ever be on.. lets not start talkin complete fuckin shit is up with some english people.. get off the fuckin band wagon.. hes 19 this is what about the english media and SOME thick english fans… you lot are the type of people that when he has a few bad games you will be calling for his head.. listen im not hatin on the kid i hope he does become a good player.. but please lets wait before u say hes better than messi!!

  • @gmc5times1 i know your just quoting pep, but tell me, who are the 3 or 4 Wilsheres in his reserves? I follow spanish football and let me tell you, there isn’t. He was just playing mind games in the pre match talk. I think Wilshere outshines Fabregas in the Arsenal midfield at times and Barca are desperate to have him back so what does that say about Wilshere’s talents?

  • @thooykhanz he wasnt man of the match in any leg. you fuckin idiot. he was arsenals best player in the 1st leg. typicall english mentality. lets say hes amazing and then when he does nothing for a few games lets say hes shit. why dont you just slow down. you said it hes 19! let the lad at least have a few seasons at the top level. pep guardiola hit the nail on the head. hes got 3 or 4 wilsheres in his reserves. english football is light years behind the spanish. gerrard terry hart cole thats it.

  • @HammerJammerDingDong no problem mate

  • @gmc5times1

    Fair enough, thats your opinion mate

    We’ll have to agree to disagree

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