[res] Stoke 2-2 Arsenal [Highlights]

Stoke City two-two Arsenal Barclays Premier Reserve League, Britannia Stadium Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 19:00 Ambitions: * Page 19, Thorley 57 [Stoke] * Wilshere 24, 65 [Arsenal] Video by Wszechmocny


  • haha 4:43! warra miss

  • arsenal rule

  • whilshere is small..but really strong…with good balance…just like argentine playmakers…cant wait for him burst on the stage in 2-3yrs..

  • heheheh he started celbrating at 5:05

  • I’m a Stoke City fan and i was at this game.

  • that goal was a stunner

  • Was a good game apart from that dirty foul that got your captain sent off. Also the last time i’m gonna get to watch Demar Phillips 🙁 Wilshire was ace, but sooooo tiny, In never knew he was so little!

  • WILSHERE Is just tooo good for the reserves. FRAN Merida is a sensation, Bischoff is great and will continue to improve. I WANT TO SEE MORE OF MERIDA AND WILSHERE IN THE FIRST TEAM SQUAD!

  • wilshire brillant just fantastic will regular in first team in 2 seasons

  • go on vaulsy son!!!!!!

  • thanks for clearing this up for me. If Bishoff was free then ok he was worth it depending on how much we pay him every week – lol

  • he didnt cost us anything although u read his fee as undisclosed his contract expired however if we did it couldnt have been any higher than 250,000

  • Looks like it was a great game – Can anyone remember how much we paid for Amaury Bischoff and also whether it was worth it cos i don’t think he was intended to never have played a a first team match after so long (Ithink he came on as a sub for one first team match a long time ago, but apart from that i he has never played in the first team)

  • yep today it is. The funny thing is im the best in english of my class:)

  • Jack Wilshere this Jack Wilshere that Fran Merida was also awesome hardly any mention of him though.

  • fiorantino’s English is shocking though 😉

  • Wilshere is quality.

  • u hgot tho love him 😛 !

  • longer than pat rice i hope…:)

  • absolute class from wilshere. a future arsenal and england great!

    good to see eduardo making it through a full ninety.


  • dear god….being crap at setpieces is definitely well taught at the club isnt it?very much a tradition…a culture throughout the age groups eh?

  • What about the two footed lunge? Or did Arsenal tv not see it? Good game though and the Arsenal kiddies are as dirty as their senior counterparts bar Wilshere who will go far and is a great talent.

  • in the end looks like a draw was a fair result; both teams could of won that!

  • ture i hope the will stay for a long time 🙂

  • merida and Whilshere. Must not sale in future

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