Saturday’s gossip column

Saturday’s gossip column
Manchester City set to shed David Silva and Carlos Tevez, plus other rumours

Yearning for Highbury – aspect 2
Much has been created of the reality that it’s been six years considering that Arsenal very last won any silverware. The group is still playing quite football on the pitch, Wengerball if you will, but not since 2005 and the FA Cup victory about Manchester United have the Gunners won any major silverware. Confident, our consistency has observed us continue to be in the higher echelon of English football about the years, and enthusiasts are …

Michel Platini’s silence more than ticket prices for Wembley showpiece proves he’s no gentleman of the men and women
The wonderful 19th century essayist William Hazlitt wrote that the ‘only vice that can’t be forgiven is hypocrisy’. Ever before considering that he was elected president of UEFA in 2007 Michel Platini, the previous France captain with the Italian identify and the ambition to become the most powerful man in planet football, has outlined himself towards the gigantism and winner-requires-all extra of the English Premier League.