Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere still is recovering from an injury he picked up in March and Arsene Wenger revealed details concerning his the progression of the broken bone in his foot of the English midfielder who still is not fit enough to start training or running with the rest of the squad.

Wilshere is being labeled as the next big star of England that can push his country to glory and help them secure the World Cup trophy which is something England has not been able to do since 1966 but Wilshere stated that it has been building up unwanted pressure to him.

“It’s brought pressure on me. I’m not sure it’s unwanted pressure. I think when you play at the highest level; there is pressure all the time.” Wilshere said.

The 22 years old midfielder also voiced his opinion and responded to critics who have been putting under scrutiny Roy Hodgson and his squad.

He added: “Just because we don’t play like Spain doesn’t mean we haven’t got a high level of technical ability. We’re changing our game all the time and we want to adapt it to a level where we are going to be able to win things at an international level’’.

“If that requires passing it around a bit more, then we’ll do it. But at the moment, we’re doing all right. We’ve got to the World Cup, so we’ll stick to our guns for the moment.” Wilshere said.

It is expected that Wilshere will be able to recover in time for the 2014 World Cup but he is going to need to play a few matches with Arsenal before Hodgson can make up his mind concerning the players that he will be bringing to Brazil.