The Official England Youtube Channel – Stuart Pearce on Jack Wilshere and more – England vs Romania U21 Press Conference

Stuart Pearce responds to concerns and talks on subjects these as whether or not England are favourites, Jack Wilshere’s look in 2 squads and a lot more. We also hear from Phil Jones, the Blackburn Rovers and England under 21 star.
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  • @wittsta93 Has Jordan Henderson been picked for the SENIOR sqaud?

  • @eiriksau There much better players in the under 21 squad just look at jordan henderson playing week in week out for sunderland with fantastic results

  • @Axl124124 but it doesnt really. playing 90 minutes for your country isnt going to do the lad any harm you utter fool. hes a young lad and should be more than capable of playing for arsenal and england in a short period of time hes in the wrong sport if he cant. unfair against arsenal you say? what about chelsea…spurs…liverpool…utd,…villa your not the only club affected by it. shutup rambling on. unfair to arsenal you crack me up.

  • @ShaunDooley what an intelligent reply. Just goes to prove you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • @Axl124124 oh shutup waffling on.

  • @ShaunDooley You don’t know what yo uare talking about. the intensity they play with means then time to recover. And are you honestly telling me you think they only play once/twice a week? What about all the practice they do. Its an idiotic decision where england are being selfish and unfair to arsenal fc who pay the boys wages. He is playing week in week out for arsenal so they are not selecting him for him to get experience.

  • burned out? shutup. hes a footballer mate being paid thousands at arsenal to play once/twice a week for 90mins. the guy isnt a an olympic long distance runner.

  • @ground4ce It’s on ESPN tomorrow at 7pm.

  • this match gunna be on tv?

  • @eiriksau very true

  • Players development? Wilshere playing regularly now for Arsenal and will be burned out if Pearce uses him that much

  • Been impressed with the U21s lately. Jacky boy is brill, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of these in the senior squad.

  • Pearce’s level-headed thinking is definately a good thing. Over confidence is a very big weakness in football. While it is good to be confident in one’s abilities, it’s also important to not let your ego win the game before it’s won. Come on England! You U-21’s are the future of the team!

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