The story of Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere’s compilation I did this video like a book, with Chapters… like a story. This is my 2nd video clip on Jack Wilshere. My very first compilation was a tiny one particular but this a single is considerably a lot more complete. From the U18s to the initial group. Web site: Songs: TI – What Ever You Like Young Jeezy Ft. R.Kelly – Go Getta If you like it or don’t like it, if you don’t like the songs… inform me, since all the critics and compliments are very good to get!


  • Jack wilshere nr 1

  • @Sayegh11 lol , good point

  • @superdave31 r u crazy, he is better then zidane maradona bad peel put together. We call the the arsenal ego.

  • i still thinnk pppl over rate him a bit. I mean hes a midfielder so whats his defensive game like?

  • Youth development: We’re years behind Holland France Spain & Germany. WHUFC & LFC in particular have always had a good records of producing young talent, but England has been stagnent in the last couple of decades, this is because our technical ability is just plain retarded compared to continental teams. Even Asian & Eastern Europeans teams have more technical ability than English players… it’s embarassing! This is one problem AFC youngsters don’t have!… whether they end up at AFC or not!

  • Alot of players do come into the academy at 15, but that’s the same as Messi for Barca. Any age between 11 & 15 is fair game, it’s not “stealing”. A player like Ramsey maybe, who was 17 before he joined Arsenal, we can not take credit for. Although we did pay a fair amount like any transfer & we will almost certainly improve his game. & fair enough, some players won’t make it. But Wilshere has a massive future AT ARSENAL! Randall has a big future, thanks to Arsenal… but not at Arsenal.

  • @greenshimi Not owned by yanks. Of the shares, 29.9% is yank, 25% is russian… the rest is English.

    “conservative with their money”… exactly. To label us a “big money team” is to say that we’re another Chelski, Madrid, Citeh type team that throws money about. You can’t possibly criticise us JUST FOR HAVING MONEY. We don’t depend on big money signings, and we don’t encourage over-spending… We’re not a “big money” club.

  • @83BarFly Democracy or not, still owned by yanks. Aresnal are pretty ‘big money’ i just think they’re quite conservitve with they’re money, unlike Pompey…

    But dont you think so many youth players come into the youth systems at 15 years old; they’re will come a few stars, which is great. But at the end of they day jacks only young and who knows how good he’ll be?!
    And if Aresnal are producing all this english talant, why aren’t they playing it in there first team!!? Loan them off.

  • @greenshimi On the players: We are of course always on the look out for talented youngters, i.e. Gibbs from Wimbledon and Freeman fom Gillingham, but you have to bare in mind that Gibbs came to us at the age of 14 and Freeman came at 15… The majority of the development into the players they have become is largely down to the influence of Arsenal’s academy. Players like Lansbury, Randall, Wilshere, Emmanual-Thomas, Eastmond, Frimong however, were Arsenal from the beginnig.

  • @greenshimi on the ownership. It’s massively important that the club are publically ran, and not simply owned outright by a single owner. It’s more of a democracy, and gives share-holding fans and supporters trusts more of a say in how the club is ran (i.e. the recent Arsenalisation project at The Eirates, including the renaming of the stands and the instllation of the clock).

  • @greenshimi Fairpoint. But I would’t call us a “big money club” as we’re only recently getting ourselves in a financial position where we can happily spend without fear. It’s also slightly different as we’re only spending money that we’ve raised within the club (unlike ManUre Chelski and Citeh). Hopefully FIFA’s new rullings on spendature will – eventually – see every club run at a profit and not opperating at a loss, eventually giving every team a level playing field for natural growth.

  • @83BarFly
    You could argue that aresnal are still a big money club and take all the english talent from league’s 1 + 2 to stick on the reserves, and you cant say manu, liverpool and ‘chelski’ aren’t english they’re just owned by people from different contries and aren’t aresnal owned by and american? “the largest shareholder on the board is American sports tycoon Stan Kroenke” (wiki). I think west ham have the best youth system tbh

  • Bolton made him the player he is today

  • Bolton made him the player he is todaY

  • @warriorprince1010 he will learn soon!

  • @nowavailable12345678 Not really.
    There are lots of brilliant youth team players, few make it.

    Jack cannot protect the football, he gives it away too much.

  • I am so waiting to see Wilshere play against Rafael

  • @83BarFly yeah dats quite right………city were the favourites to get 4th las season but the way spurs got it was just pure class…..lets just see if we can do it again

  • @nippro As you said, the comment was made a year ago. But Liverfool finally have a playmaker, and Citeh will only improve. Can’t see Spurs doing it again.

  • @83BarFly this comment was one year ago….now theres spurs!!!

  • This is the kind of technical players england need

  • I find it cool to see great players being as old as us 🙂

  • god created Wilshere bcoz he misses Brady!!!!

  • He looks like he could be world class.
    I just dont want him to to be thrown in to early and waste his potential. but with arsene wenger he will be a player

  • Amazing video !!! He the best U-18 talent in the world with Toni Kross

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