Top 10 Young Footballers in The World

• Jack Wilshere • Mario Balotelli • Javier Hernandez • Lucas Piazon • Micah Richards • Neymar • Jordan Henderson • Dan Sturridge • Josh Mceachran • Carlos Vela
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  • it,s incorrect… I`m peruvian and I speak english bad, neymar is numer 1, lucas piazon number 2, ganso numer 3, anderson numbver 4 and coutinho number 5 after wilshere, balotelli, hernandez,…..BRAZIL is the champions in player soccer in the world…forever….

  • he also said he wants to join chelsea it isnt clear who he wants to play for

  • @crany09 Neymar dosnt want to join an english club, he said he wants to play for juventus

  • @RyannBarton It’s as the bottom of the description

  • @RyannBarton Neymar might join chelsea check out the link

  • @crany09 Neymar isnt either…

  • Pato Is probably not going to go to the premier league

  • it is funny why pato is not in the list

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