Weird and Wonderful : Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere in Strange and Great section


  • hes gorgeous :O

  • @Lorenshyne
    No, Cheryl Cole.

  • Sheryl Crow?
    He seems a very strict and determined guy, probably i lil up to himself. Who is his best friends in the first team, does he party?
    And he was 17 here and already could drive???

  • i can understand him perfectly….i LOVE eastenders as well

  • All work and no play makes jack a dull boy..

  • He was harder to understand than Bendtner and Szczesny…

  • god…good job he’s a footballer coz he’s fucking boring otherwise

  • @DJlondy95 another 2 years of gerrard imo. henderson, carroll, kelly, jones, loach, shawcross SHELVEY, gibbs, hart, welbeck, sturridge, johnson, wickham.. england can have a really good future! 🙂

    gotta love wilshere tho. 3rd favourite player. <3

  • @sup3rh1k gerrard will gone soon bud but weve got alot to look forward to id say wilshere, rodwell, mcearchan, walcott, albrighton plenty of talent

  • already my football icon. gerrard and wilshere for the centre midfield@@@@@@

  • @Raexxx123 east enders

  • Jack in a box


  • Which part of titanic?

    Erm, erm, well, erm, when the….when the boat sinks.

  • He is so hard to understand

  • haha he looks so dopey

  • how come i can’t understand any answers he does?? O.o

  • @dolowu03 haha that would explain it!

  • @xxLiviaCorriganxx he said “the door thing”

  • titanic when Jack’s on the dolphin.. dolphin? did i miss something?!

  • @RafaelDeLaGhetto1 that because you older than me. I’m only 20 and not even from UK or Europe, at that time EPL start to expand at asian but lots of asian at that time were fans of Man Utd.

  • @SymphonyOfDestruct99 lol 1998….. I supported arsenal since 1991 and im only 25 years old

  • Eastenders.. .LOL

  • jack in a box..

  • @SymphonyOfDestruct99
    ok i accept that but u cant say real men play pes and not fifa.

  • What I love about this video is Jack’s obvious discomfort and reluctance to entertain this pathetically inane shite.

    The boy has a seriousness about him which just says “I am here to win football matches. Everything else can just fuck off.” Reminds me a bit of Giggs or Scholes on the rare occasions you hear them speak.

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