Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that that there is every possibility that Jack Wilshere would not be fit at the start of next season. Jack Wilshere has not been part of the Arsenal first team since May 2011. Since it has been a year since his last injury, many have been expecting that the 20-year-old will be making his comeback in the final few games of the season.

It would have been perfect for England had he been fit for the Euro 2012, but as it stands, he is unlikely to make it even to the start of next season according to Arsene Wenger. As it stands, you can’t even have a euro bet with william hill that he will make it into the Euro 2012 squad.

This comes as a major blow for the England senior team and also the Team GB as well. It was thought that Team GB manager Stuart Pearce was thinking at the possibility of including Wilshere in the squad if he recovers from his injury. Wilshere’s troubles started at the end of last season when he injured his right ankle in the match against Fulham. He then underwent an operation in order to recover from the problem. It was initially thought that Wilshere would be back by January, but he suffered a major setback in his rehabilitation process after suffering a stress fracture.

“I do not want to set the Olympics as a target because I do not know whether Jack will be fit to start at the beginning of the season. When we start pre-season training on 9 July, if he can join in, then we have won the battle, but that is not guaranteed. You get the first knock, but think: ‘OK, at least I will be ready for the Euros.’ Then you have to convince him: ‘Look my friend, it will not work for the Euros.’ You knock him down again,” said Wenger.