Wilshere Volley v Celtic

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  • Jack ‘Zizou’ Wilshere…. Need I Say More

  • @Christophergeophrey Danny Rose’s volley against Arsenal was good but it took no where near as much technique as this. Here, the ball is coming across Jack Wilshere, whereas with Rose’s he is hitting it straight on.
    Also, Almunia made a fool of himself, any decent keeper would have just caught the ball.
    So leave and come back when you’ve got someone better than Wilshere.
    Oh and by the way, neither were ‘luck’.

  • Danny Rose. Snm. Left foot. Actually hit the back of the net. Anyhow anyone of you gooners say tht was luck. So was the wilshere shot.

  • that would have been up there with the RVP volley from years back. boy is quality

  • i was there and saw it LIVEE!

  • @Danarsenal25 Nicely said, this guy is gonna be one of the best midfielders in the the world at some point. He kind of reminds me of Joe Cole, with some Steven Gerrard in him. Except he is gonna be technically gifted then both of them in the future.

  • hes good.

  • Walcott got pwned

  • @toophatpoyo lol it might be because most of our talents get wasted on treatment tables nowadays, and who’s responsible for that??? I dunno, you probably should go ask Toni Pulis, Mic McCarthy, FAT Sam….etc.

  • @TheMrAluminum

    Tsk..but no trophies to validate that claim..

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  • Somehow I just can’t stop clicking play. This is hypnotyzing.

  • @jikkh2x


    ; )

  • Imagine if that went in…

  • @TheMrAluminum I shudder to think what Jackie boy could achieve when he reaches the peak of his career.

  • @oddthomas I’ll mark ur words with my shit wilshere is one of the best young players in Europe

  • @OddThomas88 Who are Fabio capello and Arsene wenger to disagree with youtube user OddThomas88, who obviously knows more about football than they do

  • meh. Will be playing in the Conference within 4 years. Mark my words.

  • holy what a shot. just like zidane.

  • @jikkh2x please oh please do explain.

  • @Uduberbuber but your point is shit..

  • @sarwig no matter how closely you look at that theres no chance in hell you can tell if the keeper gets anything on it. the resolution is too poor. therefore my point still stands.

  • @Uduberbuber It DID hit the target, watch properly. It hit the keepers fingers and he tipped it onto the crossbar, if Agbolahor could do that we probably would love him.

  • *love

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