[Youth Cup ] Arsenal U18 2-0 Liverpool U18 Wilshere

FA Youth Cup Goals. ***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT Meant***
Video clip Rating: four / five


  • @pojomon1234 well,it’s his choice not ours…

  • @thaN0s1993 i bloody hope he plays for australia cos after mark schwarzer hes gonna be our next best option!

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  • jack wilshere is not in arsenal youth anymore…HE IS IN ARSENAL NOW!!!

  • Bouzanis is awesome.

  • I love how Liverpool haven’t got Carlsberg on their shirt because they’re all too young to drink! haha!

  • congratz naabs!
    chelsea!! 1 and only!!!

  • bouzanis is a great goalkeeper.i hope he plays for greece he will get many titles.but even if he plays for australia i will still like him.he is the next atmatzidis.


  • bouzanis is really a magnificant goalkeeper but what a strike!

  • ever heard of george graham?

  • Lazy and arrogant players like Babel and Pennant will fail no matter who they play under, no matter how talented. Compare C Ronaldo to Nani for example. They pretty much had the same skill level when they each arrived at Old Trafford, but the hardworking Ronaldo became a top player and Nani is having trouble starting any games. They were both bred under the same manager. And there are plenty of young players that have improved/are improving at Anfield, try Torres, Reina, N’gog, and Insua.

  • BlackPride03, no offence but Anfield is where young talent goes to die. Rafa’s midas touch touched Ryan Babel from rough diamond to dirt. Your team ceases to exist unless Torres and Reina are on the field. Gerrard and Carragher have lost their legs, your team’s next big thing is… Jay Spearing? Try Wilshere, Ramsey, Sunu, Frimpong, Jay Emmanuel. You bought Alberto AquiLacking for the same price as Arshavin and Vermælen COMBINED. And Rafa sold 80% of your midfield ie Xabi Alonso. LFC is a joke.

  • carl clair is my m8’s brother

  • arsenal will be liverpool in carling cup i have no doubt rafa will shit himself and play 1st team players

  • Unlucky for Bouzanis, gots a great future.

  • you’re a liverpool supporter and you want to talk to us about inferiority complexes? you really still riding the stroke of luck that saw your club win the champions league? you haven’t won the league in ages and your “title run” last season was based on more 1 goal victories in history. get over yourself.

  • funny how Arsenal fans hate Liverpool so much, but we could care less about them…hell, I was rather fond of them until I met some of their fans. Inferiority complex much?

  • i have a feeling he’ll be a peague game regular by the end of the season. i hope he’s on the bench for portsmouth and get’s a 30 min run out. he just needs to show wenger he can perform well in the league. he’s an amazing potential.

  • even though that is a terrific penalty bouzanis almost saves it :O this shows the talent he has and their is still much more room for improvement

  • love Bouzanis

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  • so shit that they won the double

  • He is in the first squad but hasnt played much they have to be careful not to push him.

  • Well done boys with the final at anflied they completed the double.

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