Scorpion Kicks, Face Slaps & Jack Wilshere In His Undies: Kick Back

Movie Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Scorpion Kicks, Face Slaps & Jack Wilshere In His Undies: Kick Back”

  1. litvinov6 Says:

    Busquets doesn’t dive.

  2. Mario Demetriou Says:

    oh that scorpion kick goal is from my country and i didn’t even see it lol

  3. Bilbo Baggins Says:

    That guy who said everyone knows sounds like Rammus

  4. mhsilvey Says:


  5. NickOfoshizzle Says:

    Lol us Greeks and our lazy ass recording skills

  6. Javi E Says:

    @HarisC3 if you

  7. SOOP Clan Says:

    for all you fifa lovers, fifa should make Bale an nform as a goal keeper,
    and then put every stat at like 10 except for his diving, which should be 99

  8. Santhosh Balakumaran Says:


  9. 29bookie Says:

    I bet you love sitting on the bench too :)

  10. Kallinikos Yiallouros Says:

    Cyprus forever

  11. Heymaker5000 Says:


  12. MoRodriguez1 Says:

    I heard bum lol

  13. Rahu Huss Says:

    ohhh bobobobobobobobbobobob

  14. MrNajy1234 Says:

    Bale is good in goal as he has the best diving around

  15. ben12114 Says:

    Looks like Gareth Bale is even more AMAZING

  16. ismail mo Says:

    ohh bobobobobobobobobobobob

  17. Dirk van Haaster Says:

    Oh bobobobobob

  18. BhamBANDIT Says:

    these accounts are sooooo lame…

  19. abcFIFAxyzHD Says:


  20. Footballer Müller Says:


  21. MajGotSwaguh Says:

    Hahha ohhhh bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob

  22. Haseeb Wali Says:

    aaaaaaaa bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

  23. Kenshima Says:

    Lol! Now everyone Knows You’re A PACE WHORE!

  24. Lenny Wanta Says:

    Ohh bubububububub

  25. robotti11 Says:

    Im from Hämeenlinna!