Arsenal Pre-Season: Nice header from JET + Wilshere miss

Arsenal Pre-Time Camp in Negative Waltersdorf, Austria 2010. Sry for the negative top quality.
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  • @aarone90

    Almunia was there. He was on the other side of the pitch with the defence players.

    Interesting´╗┐ Observations: Koscielny isn’t first team quality at the moment imo. So I think Vermaelen and Djourou will be both in the starting XI and Koscielny will get some games as a sub and will be ready next season, because he clearly has potential.
    Frimpong is amazing. Everytime i see him, he looks great. I love his energy :).
    Overall nothing special :).

  • was almunia at the training session? and any interesting observations? would of loved to have been there!

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