Cesc Fabregas and Jack Wilshere post match interview (19/10/2010)

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  • @diprose that is probably the worst dis i have ever heard

  • @aarontas123 Your mum was tho, fucking slut.

  • @diprose no.

  • Imagine in 6 years time Wilshere will be doing it for a new talent 🙂

  • was this filmed on a slice of cheese?

  • @thearcher007 Same thing with Bergkamp and van Persie

  • im a liverpool supporter but these two players i have a huge amount of respect and admiration for! such class acts!!!

  • “oh thanku” < aha fabregas (;

  • Am I the only one mesmerized by Fabregas’s puff…? Nobody…?

  • read my comment after the first one i posted mate, i didn’t post that first comment.

  • @cb2435 you shouldn’t be so negative. support man utd, but don’t hate on arsenal, liverpool, etc.

  • @cb2435 ahahah my mistake then.

  • @armaldog lolololol nice mate, nice. i didn’t even post that comment for the record. i am a man united fan, but an england fan as well, so am a big admirer of wilshere. i’m all for his progress as a player, at times he bossed xavi and busquets against barca. so apologies for my mate posting that. although i do think cesc will leave sooner or later if their spell without trophies continue. saying that i’ve got money on them winning the carling cup today so you never know.

  • @cb2435 you’ll die very soon buddy with that attitude. hope your mum cries at your funeral. actually i hope that she doesn’t since inbred cunts like you are usually either orphans, bastard children or abused kids.

  • new iniesta and xavi :), hoepfully untill next season unless barca whip out some serious heavy money 🙁

  • @cb2435 we’ll see at the end of the season

  • both absolutely shite players – just like their club. will carry on playing for arsenal – winning zero trophies with no success. man utd till i die. x

  • haha and then we lost first in the group

  • @poolehart We could arrange a new sexuality? Cescuality? Nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone.

  • Fab should keep his beard….

  • is it gay that i think fab is better looking than most tarts?

  • just hope they grab alll three points on sunday

  • Cesc <<<333

  • That’s what Arsenal is all about…Henry once had Fabregas under his wing..now Fabregas is doing the same for Wilshere…it’s really a family…

  • Thanks! Just like the old Fabregas-Henry interviews haha!

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