Josh Mceachran vs jack Wilshere.

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  • NO WAY IS JOSH MCECHRAN NEW INESTA have u you idiots lots your mind josh mceachran is good but no way nere as good as wilshere

  • wilshere new xavi, mceachran new iniesta. imo

  • MEchran.. Goin forward he’ll be a bigger star than wilshere..

  • Ravel Morrison will owned both of them, watch out

  • Arsenal always risk playing new people like frempong, wilshere, szcezsny, jenkinson so its nt rlly a big thing for arsenal. Whereas Chelsea you really have to prove urself like sturridge, hopefully mceachran will start gtting some plying time in big matches.

  • Jack Wilshere EASILY and I am a chelsea fan but Josh will have an amazing career

  • McEachran

  • @Emollzor101
    Right .. Would josh mc Eachran even start aginst Barca if Barca Vs Chelsea play tomorrow or even next month? No he wont’ and Chelsea don’texactly have a fluid midfield, but Wilshere would get in if he’s available. For those who say Arsenal put any youngster in too fast,no, in Jack’s case he forced his way in through his displays for the reserves and youth squad. Oh and Wenger said he won’t push Jack in too fast but such was his talent that he had to be on the first team list soon.

  • Wilshere easily, he’s already a nailed down starter for Arsenal and they always have a better midfield than Chelsea anyways. So you know who is better, Josh is good but not yet at the level that Jack is. Josh is taller so he’s got a trait that Wilshere lacks in but that’s about it.

  • i love mceachran

  • Wilshere.

  • @K97x mceachran can be xavio or iniesta, thats how good he is

  • @rugbyfanz747 i was talking about years in experience of first team football, counting when he was on loan at bolton…

  • @cfcallday95 Sorry to break it to you mate but he isn’t ‘3 years behind him” – there is little over a year between the two in terms of age (14 months to be precise) so get your facts right before you write stupid comments

  • @SuperDidierDrogba no McEachran is More Like xavi

  • Wilshire is more like Xavi and McEachran is more like Iniesta. I prefer Iniesta but Xavi is a more important player. Both however are still young and you cannot judge either players fairly until midway through their careers. Neither are at that stage. One thing is for sure, both will play for England in Brazil.

  • England 2014 midfield – Josh Mceachran ,Jack wilshere,Tom cleverly and oxlade chamberlain

  • … there’s only one way to find out!

  • Just comparing these guys is weird.
    Wilshere played against the best midfield in the world when the gunners faced fc Barcelona and he dominated.

  • Just watch Wilshere v Barcelona last season…

    Both future stars, but holding onto a starting place with Nasri & Fabregas in the team at 18/19yo??…My opinion of course

  • @Scudeyyy ok that was last season under carlo this season he started in carling cup vs fulham, he will start every carling cup game. your the deluded one and mceachran is like 3 years behind him and he is already breaking into first team. mceachran will def start and i am home so suck it. wtf you mean hes barely played him lol he was injured and he has already started him once in like what 7 or 8 games this season. dumbfucks these days

  • @cfcallday95 you’re fucking deluded? Maceachran has played only 10 times in the league for chelsea. Wilshere got to play regularly even with Fabregas and Nasri in the team. AVB has barely played him. just shut up and go home.

  • As a Chelsea fan i think Jack will be like Lampard, he will score goals much and Josh something like Gerrard he will not score that often but he will have the better pass 😀

  • @Scudeyyy lol u think mceachran will never get past lampard hahaha your dumb obviously avb will start mceachran in less important games like league cup and games vs shit teams. lol arsenal are shit so they start any youngster they have

  • @cfcallday95 WOAH he’s played 10 times in the league and twice this season (no starts). You’re stupid. Now Wilshere is Arsenal’s second best player but MacEachran will never get past Lampard, Ramires, Mikel, Mata, Malouda and so on in the first team.

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