CTR360: Jack Wilshere: Nike Soccer

Online video Score: three / 5


  • Yeah, 8-2 with players injured, but why did Man U lose to Man City 1-6?

  • I have nothing to say but this : ….?

  • lol first thing i was look for Matroulette’s comment

  • haha yeah bro :/ my foot is wide! and alright man thanks a million! 🙂

  • which versions do you have? and I have the Gold Cup Kanga-lite ones. I bought them in a size 10. It’s been about over 2 months I think. or about.and still nothing :/ it hurts so badly on the sides because my foot is wide

  • fuuuuuck no they are not easy to break in -_____- shit. not unless you have skinny ass feet! 🙁 not good at all. good shoe,but easy to break in is a no no

  • am i not doing the same?

  • ok

  • i guess i cant state my point of view.. or can I?

  • those are some nice boots.. and i cant understand a thing wilshere is saying

  • he literally sounds retarded.

  • pointless comment

  • Guys what is the latest injury news on wilshere.

  • Ramsey was the better player before he broke his leg and even now he looks better. I don’t like Wilshere’s style.

  • he didnt even play that game…

  • i dont think wilshere would have made a difference anyways

  • wilshire didn’t even play :p

  • Wilshere didn’t even play that game, idiot.

  • Cleats actually make a difference, why don’t you wear the worst cleat brand and play a match (props to you if you finish the match without an injury) after you twisted your ankle wait a month then play with some Nike cleats and notice the difference.

  • he hot, was that the point of the video?

  • cool story bro

  • I dont speak for everyone but like any other club, no one selects their fans. For the most part United has a grear passionate fanbase just like Arsenal or any other club by that matter. The difference is the situation that Arsenal fans are going trough. Arsenal just hit the bottom now time to bounce back.

  • So basically all i found out from this video was the boots feel soft and a arsenal player wears em. ok good to know?

  • i’m defo getting rid of my CTR360’s if Jack is wearing them….such a buzz kill

  • all these united glory hunters who have never been to manchester can eat a dick! i love Arsenal no matter what, i dont give a fuck how much we lose by ARSENAL FOR LIFE!

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