Behind The Scenes Of Pepsi’s New 2012 Commercial — “Crowd Surfing”

Online video Score: four / 5


  • Torres is so hot in here (Y) Messi is cute , and when he talks it ´s cute too :3

  • Hästi öeldud (Y)

  • This needs more Fernando Torres!!! Other than that… it’s a kick ass commercial. God, he’s hot. Now, I need a pepsi 🙂 Loooooove!

  • Damn, I’ve just realized how tall Calvin Harris is, turns out he is 6’5!!!

  • where’s Szczęsny?

  • haha no noob ronaldo!!!

  • you need THE1POSTMAN in your commercials

  • this was like five months before that great night for Chelsea 😀

  • and lampard also for the EM injured haha

  • Was this after or before Chelsea beat Barcelona, because that would be awkward between the 3 chelsea players and Messi?

  • Lamps ftw

  • Torres is just simply the best .

  • 1:28 o mai faqin god

  • Aguero is gorgeous.

  • Leo missi


  • Drogba <3

  • Is it me or does Torres just look like a guy you wanna be mates with?

  • i know the background where the cast stared, the background was in step up 3 a bunch of tape recorders

  • Lampard look so cool

  • Wheres Podolski ?!

  • chelsea conquer..

  • Idiots still making Torres jokes..he is scoring now and back to his normal form

  • yes! Torres is the best ^^

  • Ooomf…. -3

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