FIFA Street | Arsenal Pro Player Tournament

Video Score: 4 / 5


  • Four for the future´╗┐ here ­čÖé

  • song anyone?

  • Oxlade complaining´╗┐ about controler to hjerpseth ­čśŤ

  • at 0:25´╗┐ any1 else noticed hjerpseth?

  • anyone´╗┐ else notice Hjerpseth at 2:19??

  • These guys better stay with Arsenal´╗┐ for life

  • Future of AFC right there. This group of lads could be our answer to the man utd kids! Talent for days and´╗┐ good spirit between them all.

  • Check out Alex’s face when Frimpong goes “Aww, Frimpong stop it” in 1:43.. Epic!!´╗┐

  • if´╗┐ you get asked by an arsenal player if you join them, then you are THE boss. @Hjerpseth

  • ever1´╗┐ got frimponged

  • Marius Hjerpseth -3´╗┐

  • Lol´╗┐ when Frimpong scored he said: OH! Frimpong stop it!

  • Didn’t´╗┐ realise the Coq’s english was so good

  • Good game prefer fifa12 my´╗┐ opion

  • @ 0:25 Wilshire to´╗┐ Frimpong (i think) “You’re Shit Mate” LMFAO..

  • 2:09 torres mind´╗┐ trick

  • follow me @Arsenalboyfan98, for arsenal updates and news!´╗┐

  • they play so´╗┐ fifa12 like lol no skill at all

  • Where is Szcz─Ösny ? :D´╗┐

  • Every time for 3 Years ago i was with´╗┐ Marius in the Xbox live party and now he hanging out with Proffesional players ­čśÇ


  • i know , he told me on twitter´╗┐ !!

  • 9´╗┐ dislike nice one PES.

  • Arsenal still trying to play their passing game´╗┐ even in a video game. Is there a Barcelona video? I have got to see that.

  • he works at´╗┐ EA now

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