FIFA 12 News (Episode 4) –Jack Wilshere new FIFA 12 trailer star? More FIFA 12 3D News– FIFA 12 News You can find all the latest FIFA 12 news in full at Today Kylo and WA Qarnage discuss the latest FIFA 12 news to emerge. We need to reiterate that the Jack Wilshere news is not 100% confirmed but it has come froma good source and the recent Tweet from Wayne Rooney saying that he shot his FIFA 12 trailer recently confirms some of the stuff our source was saying. We will also cover some rather disappointing FIFA 12 3DS News. founder WA Qarnage discusses the latest FIFA 12 news with Kylo in the fourth episode of the brand new series ‘FIFA 12 News Update’. For more FIFA 11 resources including achievement and Virtual Pro accomplishment guides, please go to


  • @IAmTheMusicMan200 i didnt quite hear it, it said summit about there being no online, Jeez

    **Released Only 15 Minutes Ago

  • javier hernandez have to be on the cover of fifa 12

  • @THFCsaunders Nope sorry 🙁

  • Any news on WHL being on it yet ???

  • but arsenal are a bigger club

  • @RyanPlaysShizz hahaha…your sarcasm is top notch : )

  • @RyanPlaysShizz wilshere is 19 years old and he’s already starting 11 for arsenal and in the england squad…. i wonder who a good player is..

  • booo boring

  • @mitchalsmum are you being serious?

  • @mitchalsmum yea

  • @1AJBurnham I wish, I did that in Paint haha

  • Nice photoshopping^ lmao

  • What the fuck Jack Wilshere? He’s shit!

  • is there gonna be Online on xbox?

  • Wayne Rooney has also shot a trailer with Tim Cahill and Kaka

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