Aaron Ramsey / Jack Wilshere (Ramshere) – 21 Guns

my first video of the two Arsenal midfielders – Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere.


  • @heedis thanks! it’s post arsenal – rangers interview

  • nice job, mate! btw, what is the interview when wilshere making cute face?

  • @69jety Yep it’s me ^^ I bet >//////<

  • @shamelessxjuliet lovingaaronramsey? im so glad that u like it! yeah, it took me a lot of strengh to put those injury pictures together…

  • @69jety thanks! 🙂
    @shameslessxjuliet my favorite part of the video was Azza’s ‘errs’ as well 😀 The injury footage makes me cringe every time.

  • Azza’s err and umm omg *w* and the end, when it shows Aaron’s injury and Jack crying after the CC final, it made me cry too, so beautiful 🙂

  • @pinkgirl106
    u can search this user: seanhazmoobz
    he has uploaded that interview 🙂

  • @pinkgirl106 thanks! XDDD

  • very nice video 😀
    what’s the interview of ramsey around 3:17? I don’t think I’ve seen it…

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