Wilshere vs Barcelona

Here’s the highly-waited comp on Jack. In my opinion,he was the man of the match against Barcelona. He ran a lot,he was always sharp,passed the ball well,controlled the tempo of our game and we can say he silenced the Barca midfield at the age of 19,where footballers like Iniesta and Xavi played,not bad… He handled the pressure really well,he fears from nothing and nobody,he just enjoys playing football and that’s the most important thing. KIU Jack!!!


  • You hear people raving about him and I thought he was just over-rated till I saw this and how strong he is on the ball even when surrounded by three barca players and his passing ability, he is awesome

  • jack wilshere put mascherano and busquets on the poket

  • Arsenal – the only team that has beaten both Man utd and Barcelona 🙂

  • @bookerirene

    You are so right lol.

    A few days later, there were rumours about Barca wanting to buy Wilshere for 40 mln pounds. Haha.

  • beast

  • most ignorant comment ever, Guardiola – ” i have players like wilshere in my B team”

  • @JHDELIVERY22 if he is to be better than Scholes he must contribute more goals and assists.

  • its really bad that arsenal has to play every time against barca , i hope next season they will play madrid , that would be better for them

  • For me he’s will be a new Xavi or Pirlo

  • 1:15 hahahahaha Van Persie

  • video response please?

  • jack wilshere has seen this video!

  • 2:32 , despite me saying that messi is the best in the world. for me he got done at 2:32.

  • this boy is good

  • Thumbs Up .. If jack himself, sent u guys here .. 😛

  • facebook > Jack’s Post > Youtube

  • thank you for uploading this video

  • All Arsenal Possession that Night was : THIS VIDEO

  • Jacks best match. He made both Xavi and Iniesta his bitch that day and thats a rare feat ESPECIALLY at the age of 19.

  • 2:33 do a dummy..againts….messy

  • he’s the man! showing these barca players he aint scared of dem

  • -drools

  • and he is better then c.ronaldo twice beacuse he is not pussy like crybaby ronaldo

  • He is better than all Barcelona players.
    and don’t tell me that Messi, Xavi or Iniesta is better than him

  • @mnnh1 even better than fab! the way he dominates the midfield against big teams at that age is JUST INCREDIBLE, hes one of a few that can do that.

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