Jack Wilshere wins the 2011 PFA Young Player of the Year

(Courtesy of Sky Sports) Gordon Taylor, PFA Chief Exectutive, presents Jack Wilshere of Arsenal and England with the award from the Specialist Footballers’ Association for Younger Player of the Year 2011 No copyright infringement meant
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  • He wasnt picked for U21 thats good.Hes in the Senior England Team. why should he play for U21? Look at Theo Walcott he got picked and got injured it took him a long time to recover and he missed the WORLD CUP.Cause Jack Wilshere wasnt picked he can help England qualify for the Euro 2012 and hopefull play init.

  • DEAR MAN UTD FANS… this award ceremony took part half way through the season, Javier Hernandez was backup for berbatov the 1st half of the season, and only hit double figures in the league on Feb 26th. By Febuary,, Wilshere had the whole of England, and lots of the world shocked with his talent, becomming a key player at a top club at 18 YEARS OLD (now 19). THATS why Wilshere deserved, and won it! Well done Jack, Arsenal, and ENGLAND need you!

  • All you dick that are saying ohhh Hernandez should have won this are dumb as shit. First off Hernandez hasn’t done more for the team then Wilshere, he’s tracked back, never stopped running and created dozens of chances Hernandez could only dream of playing. Hernandez has urm…….. Scored with his head a few times from 2 yards out. Get real.

  • @Footietekkers loooooooooooool im an arsenal fan and even i found that funny

  • @Footietekkers loooooooooooool im ana arsenal fan and even i found that funny

  • @manchesredhill /facepalm

  • To be honest how Bale won the main award is more of a puzzle than Wilshere’s

  • @MrMegafifa but get something straight we aint talking about age in here. He can be 15 for all I know but if someone else is making a huge difference in their team thats the guy who deserves the win. This is Hernandez’s first season at the premier league and he is already making winning goals at bench or starter, has taken bervatov to the bench, has scored in all comppetitions, and most likely will go to champions league final! All at his first season!

  • If you don’t like the fact that he won, piss off. Cos you saying Hernandez should have won will not change anything.

  • Look what Jack wilshere can do against the likes of xavi and iniesta and man united as you saw yesterday, not taking no credit away from hernandez but all his goals and great performances have come against mediocre teams.

  • the reason hernandez didnt win it is because he’s a poacher and hardly ever scores outside the 6 yard box. wilshere showed how overated xavi and iniesta are at the emirates. if you want to solve a puzzle try figyre out how Gareth Bale got the pfa over Nasri, tevez and vidic?

  • Wenger probably steal Jacks PFA and fling it in the dusty arsenal cabinet for evidence of him winning something when he gets sacked

  • @manchesredhill noo wilshere is 19 hernandez is 22 look at the difference and think, jack has been arguebly the best midfielder in arsenal this season. hernandez gets tap ins to be honest but hes just always at the right place at the right time

  • Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez should have won this!!!
    He has done so much for his team and at his first season with United. He has scored winning goals, goals coming as a sub or starter, he has also taken berbatovs place in the team because of all of his goals and all this on his first season! Wow Hernandez really deserved this, he should have won.

  • @yao052 i’ve watched them both all season and hernandez has done more for united than he has for asenal, the games man united vs everton (1-0) and bolton vs arsenal (2-1) prove that.

  • @frenchyManUTD1989 don’t be so narrow-minded and watch wilshere games this season man utd fan

  • so ridiculously undeserved, just cos hes english, everyones getting a boner and saying hes gonna be the best player in the world, fuck off

  • how hernandez didn’t win this is a disgrace. he has done more for his team than wilshere.

  • well done Jack keep ur place and boss the idfield

  • great player and I know that theres no questioning that. but fucking hell hes a jar. he gives it to every player he plays against and he actually thinks hes better than people like fabregas, scholes already he tried to much against barcelona and flopped. great player full time prick

  • yeah i mean, like i said.

  • @leprof96 ha.. Well we’ll see the result tonight! Big game for both teams.

  • jack you fucking legend, brilliant player

  • ‘Mr Arsene Wenger’

  • @leprof96 Thanks so much!

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