Jack Wilshere 10-11 so far

Not my best work by a long way, but I thought I might as well post it up, as I spent a fair bit of time on it. I also mucked around with the colours a lot.


  • omg he is the next Jack wilshire!

  • @EggyPoo4Ever ahahahah funniest comment ever i laughed so hard!

  • hes got barca vision

  • Great ;D Wilshere is a Really good player 😀

  • gotta love jack’s long passes over the def. line!

  • jack is england’s future captain for sure …

  • @r19ory Very nice to see a spurs fan having this mentality. And likewise, despite our rivalry, i admire your team and especially Gareth Bale. What a talent and also Van Der Vaart 🙂 Wish u luck for ur team.

  • youve earned a subscriber 🙂

  • great song,great clips,simple edit,amazing player.

  • jesus. had we have bought him, he would have cost at least 25 million pounds. my dark fantasy is that when we get those drunkard enthusiastic mariachis in catalunya to pay 60 million pounds for cesc, we get snjeider for 30 mill, and have a wilshere-ramsey-snjeider 3, if we persist in 4 3 3

  • @r19ory arsenal fan hoping you beat the shit out of real then chelsea

  • @r19ory what a man. Great post mate, nice to hear a respectful Spurs fan. I try to be respectful to Spurs fans but mostly get it blown back in my face. Props.

  • Spurs fan here. Not going to come on & bash Arsenal, just state that this lad is incredible. He has such a good footballing brain, IMO every Arsenal game I’ve watched he’s always standout (not that I’ve seen every game mind you). I think with him & Ramsey, the Arse have got two brilliant young midfielders – although if I had to pick I would take John Bostock everyday 😛 Joke, no I’d pick Wilshere over Ramsey….just. Good luck gooners, love our rivalry but hope you guys beat Man U to the title

  • true gunner..true love for the shirt
    excellent player

  • @rm04ever watch?v=F_sNW7XG8I4 – put youtube before that mate is my arsenal barca video wilshere himself said it the best on YT 🙂 – if its easier just go on my page lol

  • the goals and moves in this video are sick

  • Great vid dude :]

  • i love how people have always something to say about others hard work. do compillation like this by yourself and stop moaning.
    Thank you B05Videos

  • @EggyPoo4Ever lol wtf are you on xD

  • @rm04ever lots of in youtube, just search

  • wow,nice one two with chamakh!
    maybe they are th best combination

  • im pritty sure that steward is dead at 3:27. lying on the floor

  • need a ” Jack Wilshere vs Barcelona ” video

  • can you make a video of him vs Barcelona

  • u was superb 2day motm or kosielny

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