Jack Wilshere in the O2 Fives

Jack Wilshere is part of the O2 Fives. He let us know his likes and dislikes. Remember, most likes wins. Enter at o2fives.co.uk
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  • Flying – Dislike
    Good, that means he ain’t going nowhere! ;D

  • i thought he hated spiders..? oh well, lad right there!

  • sick pen taker tbf. a bit of emotion in his voice wouldn’t hurt though.

  • one minute he likes spiders next he dusent lol kid

  • 23

  • classic arsenal goalkeeping

  • thats good

  • @handelaar101
    Don’t forget, he’s only a 19 year old kid who’s only just been introduced into doing interviews and things like this.
    I don’t understand why people expect so much from such a normal, young boy.


  • lol this is great.

  • I only he could shoot properly in real matches. 😐 It’s the only thing missing from his game.

  • what a lad!

  • he’s wearing arshavin’s jacket cos they’re almost the same height, lol

  • As an Arsenal fan, I love the guy, brilliant player.Been watching him play for years now and he’s a top notch player.

    But in this video, he has about as much charisma and enthusiasm as a damp sponge. Not gonna really encourage people to sign up and enter if he doesnt even look like he’s enjoying it or liking it himself! Come on Jack!

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