Jack Wilshere – More 2010 2011

Credits To CWD10 & tovanpe10


  • wat a brilliant video

  • song?

  • @TheItaProductions Keep dreaming he win not join your club 😛

  • Great comp 😀

  • Great vid man !

  • great vid from a fantastic player..

  • Hart
    Bertrand – Jones – Shawcross – Kelly
    Wilshere – Rodwell – McEachran
    Young/Sturridge – Rooney – Walcott/Lennon

    Manager : Harry Redknapp

    Future England Squad for 2014 World Cup.

    Dangerous Runs and Crosses from the Full Backs. Hardcore tackling for the CB’s and DM. Sexy killer balls and wonderful build up play from the 2 CM’s. Wonderful speed, crosses, runs from the Wingers. Rooney enough said.

  • @LC6C actually he’s got 3 goals and is more of a defensive mid then attacking

  • Hes only got 1 goal Hes only got 1 goal 1 GOAL!! And he calls himself an attacking midfielder

  • @eetjaarem thanks mate )

  • Man I’m glad there a so many talented video makers supporting Arsenal.

    Fantastic vid!

  • He is only 18 or 19 years old. He can still develop alot.

  • @Wheaterz9 To knock them down

  • @Wheaterz9 I have not said Wiltshire is not good.All I said is that his passing lacks vision.This is why he is a D.MAs he failed on the wing and as a creative midfielder like Adam.Wiltshire is 19 he is going to improve.But do not fall over yourself about him.When right now he is still learning.He would be at Barcelona right now.If he was as good as you say.The reason that he is not there is.He is not good enough yet.Believe your media linking them to him if you want.England needs 2 build them up

  • @legandrydirk 2 actually, playing alongside lampard and parker in the second. where parker was dm, this is wilshere’s first run in the first team too, Capello (along with others) have wilshere as the future of the england team.

    As for comparing to Adam, He plays for blackpool. Any good midfielder would be able to shine in that team. I havn’t said that ness isn’t good, just that wilshere is, which is something you are desperate to deny.

  • @Wheaterz9 Wiltshire has 1 cap for England,and he played as a D,M,As Parker and Barry are not up 2 the job.This is Ness first season with a run in the team.He would have had more games but was crocked last season.Walter Smith said he is the best young player he has worked with.And he worked with young Guttuso and Ferguson.So I would say he would know more about the game than U.And that is why Alex Ferguson,had him as Man U number 2.Ness has a better range of passing than Adam at a younger age.

  • @legandrydirk None of what i said? i may be out of touch but i’m not blind. you might want to check some highlights for that. 2nd leg against ipswich jack was man of the match. in the first leg the entire arsenal team was poor. can you say in that game that wilshere was any worse than fabregas? A quick search of google has found me nothing to do with arsenal and ness. The goal is the only clip of him, and he hasn’t played for scotland seniors, which is easier to get into than the england team.

  • @Wheaterz9 I watched the final,and none of that happened.He never shook Fergies hand,cos Fergie kicked the ball away time wasting.He had a shit final,just like he went missing against Ipswitch another game he was awful in.You have never heard of Jamie Ness.Yes it says it all about your knowledge of the game or even who Arsenal are scouting.Arsenal scouts have watched him since he came into the team.The great thing is,we wont sell him on the cheap to any EPL team.As we cleared our debts today.

  • @legandrydirk An example for the final, picking up the ball in defence and starting the attack, getting the ball back and hitting the bar from outside the box, that going to arshavin and van persie finishing the cross. Not shaking fergusons hand is because he felt that barrys slapping koscielny after the goal was wrong. Wilshere was the young player of the year for one reason, He was the best young player of the year. Can’t comment on jamie ness, never heard of him, though that says it all.

  • @millard27 Smith will be back as a EPL boss.So that is twice Rangers have been out the group stages then.And the only team in champions league history to go out un beaten.Arsenal have not even did that.

  • @millard27 Parker was up for player of the year,and has been in recent England squads.I know who plays for West Ham,Carlton Cole is another England international who is at the bottom of the table.And you try and slag of Adam.Blackpool have actually been one of the teams worth watching in the EPL.Rangers have been out the group stages big Eck did it twice.Smith had us in the semi in 92.The year Benard Taip,and Marseille cheated there way into the final.Ask Mark Hateley about offering him a bung.

  • @legandrydirk Rangers? LOL Group stages, Scott Parker, old, 1 cap, nothing much. Upson, old, won’t play national again. Rob Green, terrible, we now have Joe Hart, probably the best young keeper in the EPL and Britain. For a team you obsess about you certainly don’t know much. Bitter.

  • @millard27 Adam was in the champions league with Rangers.And at a major euro final.Scott Parker ,Mtty Upson,Rob Green are closer to relagation that Charlie Adam.What is there excuse?At least Adam is playing with lesser players.Who were playing in the championship last season.

  • @legandrydirk Lol do you just come on any English player vids to bitch? Ask anyone, he is superior to Charlie Adam and he is only 19. Which player was in the CL and which player is close to relagation?

    Close to independence and still the inferiority complex shines on.

  • @Wheaterz9 He was shit in the first leg.I watched the games he played in.What did he do in the final?Apart from getting the run around bye Barry Ferguson who is reaching 34?Then to top it all off.He would not shake his hand at the end of the game.Wiltshire one the young player of the year,for 1 reason only.Gareth Bale got the big prize,and was nominated 4 both awards.Charlie Adam has a better range of passing as him.So has young Jamie Ness at Rangers who is the same age as Wiltshire.NESS

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