Jack Wilshere Compilation

Jack Wilshere video clip
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  • the futures bright for england… with players such as wilshire, adam johnson, hart, gibbs, smalling, as well as players that have a few years in them yet… rooney, walcott, young etc…. all quick, small, snappy players… similar to the current spanish team really…! 😉

  • brilliant quality and brilliant music. – _ –


  • he will solve the left wing problem of england.This boy has brilliant technique, very unenglish in a sense

  • Big talent! He will be one of the best players in England!

  • hahahaha he owns ramos on 0:11

  • name of the song and artist please

  • He should fit in nicely on that left side of midfield for england.
    a postion in which they have struggled with.

  • looks like he’s left-footed. it’ll be the first half-decent left-footed player england have had in about two centuries.

  • jack wilshere is the future of england

  • arsene wenger said he has a similar style to Wayne Rooney
    People also say he plays like Joe C

  • yh Jack has got better technique but similar in style to joe cole in how they operate wilshere is probably more cleverer and aware

  • i’m a chelsea fan and jacks technique is much better than joes

  • people say he is the english messi

  • Are you an Arsenal fan???

    LM. Similiar to a Messi. Fast and great dribbling and a nice end shot.

  • reminds me off iniesta and joe cole


  • Right/left midfield, he can also play through the middle or just behind the striker.

    He has been compared to Liam Brady…

  • What position does he play in? Also, what player is he most similar to?

  • de guy is briliant indeeed! jealous down guys he is de gr8est thing to happen to england of late! he just needs to stay focused

  • song is calling madon – bring it on

  • He’s got to get into the first team more next year…

    Loves the comp. But WHAT IS THAT SONG??

  • theyre saying he could be the next fabregas..
    just think, 3/4/5 years wenger will sell fabregas for something stupid like £40 million and people wont understand until they realise whos in his place, jack wilshire. give him that 3/4/5 years and we have a world star.

    brilliant arsenal.

  • he serious fucked salgado up at the beginning. Seriously i give this boy 3 4 years and he will be fucking brilliant.

  • good compilation

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