Jack Wilshere press conference “next two are biggest matches of my international career”

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  • cunt

  • And you must be 40 going on 13. You quite clearly seem to know nothing
    about football or the fact the game is full of opinions. I’ve obviously
    upset this crybaby just by stating a fact. 100 caps or not they’ve won
    nothing at international level. They have nothing to teach other than how
    to lose. They are, like you, a bad influence. That’s not me saying they’re
    bad people, unlike you. They just naturally reek of negativity because of
    their lack of achievements for England. Kindly fuck off now.

  • What a complete and utter tit.

  • To bad he couldn’t get a start lol

  • cunt

  • Jack Is talented..if u disagree u are a spurs fan

  • *Legend

  • jel

  • 6th

  • Stfu Jack. You truly as are a useless player.

  • 14th

  • first

  • Its all so serious isn’t it , am going for a lollipop and a nap !!

  • k ..

  • 4th

  • With all due respect if players have been in the team for 100 caps and
    achieved nothing then there’s nothing to learn from them whatsoever other
    than how to be a lower regardless of how talented they are or how well they
    play for their clubs. Silly people. Silly journalists. Silly school of
    thought involved st management. Idiots. This World Cup should have been a
    springboard for the youngsters not a stage for useless players to get their
    last swan song.

  • that comment is Sooooo full of shit man, 100 caps means you been the boy
    for a long long time, ask anyone that really understands football if
    Beckham or Gerrard or Lampard, who all have 100 caps by the way, cant teach
    the younger players things they have learned in their long epic careers?
    just because they haven’t won a world cup? what a twat you are! These
    players have won champions leagues, FA cups, premier league titles. You
    must be like 18 or younger and know JACK SHIT about true quality.


  • Hands up if you have the England shirt on in support of your boys!…..We
    can do it just have some faith people, lets not be all down, until we are
    really out. Until then support support support. look i watched teams come
    back and win from dire situations, the Liverpool ac-Milan champions league
    final for e.g, Liverpool, 3-0 down at halftime, and they flipped it around
    and won. so don’t loose faith even if we go 2-0 or 3-0 down, its a long
    game. I think we all should BELIEVE right till the end!

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